10 Ethereal Aesthetic Room Decor Ideas That Are Dreamy

In this article, we will explore the best ethereal aesthetic room decor ideas and tips to help you create a dreamy room for yourself.

The ethereal aesthetic is a type of aesthetic that revolves around divine feminine energy and surreal visuals. It is about creating a dreamy, light, and calm atmosphere.

The term “ethereal” comes from the word “ether,” which is a substance that was once believed to fill all space. The term was first used in the 19th century to describe light, sound, or other forms of energy that cannot be seen but can be felt.

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An ethereal aesthetic room is a type of room that has a calming and soothing effect on the viewer. It can be a bedroom, living room, or office. They are often decorated in soft colors like blue, light pink, and lavender.

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Ethereal rooms are often decorated with nature-inspired elements such as plants and water features. These elements help to create a relaxing atmosphere that makes it easy to relax and unwind after a long day at work or school.

Here are 10 easy tips to add ethereal decor to your room:

1. Use Sheer curtains

A room with an ethereal aesthetic is a room that is very light and airy. So, consider hanging white, sheer curtains over windows or canopy beds. The light passing through these curtains and the wind would give an ethereal effect to your room’s vibe.

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2. Stick to a soft pastel color scheme

The best way to create an ethereal aesthetic room is to use a lot of white and soft pastel colors. Ethereal color schemes are characterized by soft, muted shades of pink, purple and blue.

3. Add vintage mirrors

The best decor item for an ethereal aesthetic-inspired room is vintage or antique mirrors. Go for mirrors with gold or brass finish frames. Add these in different sizes like a full-length self-standing vintage mirror and also a small vintage vanity mirror.


4. Use silk bedding

To really make your bedroom seem princess-like or dreamy, consider switching to lush silk bedding. The soft textiles would enhance the basic calm feeling of the room.

5. Add a victorian chandelier

Victorian chandeliers are very aesthetically pleasing. They are usually made of metal, glass, and crystals. You can easily find one online or at a thrift store.

6. Decorate with flowers

Get some fresh flowers and put them in vases around your room for that natural touch. Mainly use roses or other flowers in white, pink or red. You can use an artificial rose garland to decorate your bed frame or add beautiful flowers in a glass vase on your vanity table.

7. Make use of reflective materials

Choose materials that have reflective surfaces like gold, brass, crystal, or glass. This would help create a dreamy effect when light reflects on these surfaces.

8. Go for a canopy bed

Choose a four-poster canopy bed in your room if you can. If you are on a budget, you can maybe consider DIYing one.

9. Add fairy lights

Use string lights to create an ethereal atmosphere in your room by hanging them from the ceiling or around the windows and doors.

10. Use well-scented candles to create a more soothing environment

Use candles to create an ethereal atmosphere in your room. You can fill up the room with different types and sizes of candles.

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