20+ Cute & Practical Small Bathroom Decor Ideas

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Small bathrooms are a challenge to decorate. There is not a lot of space, and there are many things that need to be considered. However, with the right decor ideas and some creativity, you can make your small bathroom look more spacious than it actually is.

Small bathrooms don’t have to be boring. There are many ways to make your small bathroom feel cozy and welcoming.

Here are 20+ small bathroom decor ideas to help you achieve a modern bathroom design and sleek look in a tiny space.

Create a cohesive look

Add a few coordinating items to your small bathroom decor to make it look more cohesive. A small vase of fresh flowers, a pretty towel rack, and a pretty soap dish can all go a long way. Stick to a particular color scheme for a put-together look.


A fun mirror

Add a little bit of whimsy to your bathroom decor with a fun bathroom mirror. You can play with shapes by going for a round or an oval mirror instead of a conventional rectangular one. Alternatively, you can also choose a quirky or unique mirror frame for added decor.

Go for a natural look

Use natural materials to create a more natural look in your bathroom. Choose organic fabrics for towels and rugs and add life by displaying potted plants. Also, choose a muted or earthy color palette for your bathroom to incorporate a natural and rustic look.

Make it modern and luxurious

If you want a more modern look, add sleek, modern bathroom cabinets. If you want to add a touch of luxury to your bathroom decor, try adding a luxurious bath mat and add touches of gold/brass. Keep the color scheme muted to add sophistication and keep your linen soft and high quality. Also, display organic soap bars and keep plastic bottles out of sight. Instead, you can keep all your liquids in glass canisters or bottles for a more luxe look.

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Add color

Try incorporating a few bright and cheerful prints into your small bathroom decor. A pretty floral print or a pretty floral-themed towel set are both great options.

You can go for bright and off-beat colors to create a swoon-worthy bathroom. For example, these green subway tiles are looking great with that pink sink.

Make it smell good

A few pretty scents can really perk up your small bathroom. You can keep an automatic diffuser on the counter and add some essential oils for a good-smelling bathroom. Try using light and refreshing lavender oil or invigorating mint oil.

Display fresh flowers if you don’t mind changing them regularly. You can also regularly spray an air freshener or use an automatic one. Lastly, you can add scented candles for not just a good smell but to also fulfill your decor purposes.

Say it with rugs

Think outside the box when it comes to bathroom decor. Try using a fun and funky towel rack or a colorful bath mat. If you want to make your bathroom look quirky, add a rug with a quote in bright colors just like the one here. You can match the rest of the bathroom’s colors around this rug.

Keep it organized

A few pretty towels and a pretty basket of toiletries can make your bathroom look more organized and streamlined. Keep the vanity clean and clutter-free to always make the space look put together. Also, make sure you have enough storage in the bathroom for all your stuff to avoid clutter.

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Let the floor stand out

You can go for unique flooring in your bathroom by choosing something pretty and bold like these Moroccan tiles. Keep the rest of your bathroom minimal to let the tiles stand out and take the center stage. This is a subtle way to add character to your bathroom without going for too many decor items.

Spruce up the bathroom window

If you have a small window in your bathroom, try using it to your advantage by adding a few pretty curtains. You can also display a vase with flowers or a potted plant on the window pane.

Go for floating shelves

Floating shelves are really popular, especially in small bathroom decor. They take up less space and look pretty minimal. You can style these shelves by adding vines or climbing plants and ceramic or glass canisters full of bathroom accessories and display your pretty shampoo and shower gel bottles.

Add lots of plants

Plants are a great way to decorate any space including bathrooms. However, you need to be careful while picking plants for a bathroom because there isn’t enough sunlight. Always choose the ones that need minimal care and sunlight because it can be really hard to keep a high-maintenance plant alive in a bathroom.

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