10 Things to Add to Your 2021 Black Friday Wishlist

Black Friday 2021 is just around the corner and it’s already time to start making a Wishlist in order to keep track of the sales on the items you want. With some planning ahead you can save a significant amount of money on items and get everything on your Wishlist (and maybe a little more).

Here are 10 things to add to your 2021 Black Friday Wishlist:

1) Handmade Italian leather handbag

A handmade Italian leather handbag is a classic item to have in your collection, and even if you already have a favorite handbag there are plenty of gorgeous styles and colors to choose from on online. For example, the online store Mirta will be having a Black Friday bag sale soon, this is a great opportunity to shop for your dream bag.

2) Portable speaker

A portable speaker makes listening to music and podcasts on the go easy. You can move it around your house, take it with you on trips, and really bring it wherever. It doesn’t take up much space and especially if you are a music lover, you will find that this gets a ton of use.

3) A handheld milk frother

If you love homemade lattes and a little froth on top of your favorite hot drinks, a handheld milk frother is the item to buy! This will take your morning coffee to a whole new level.

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4) Smeg retro kettle

A Smeg retro kettle not only looks great in your kitchen, but is also an experience to use. You’ll be excited to use this item whenever you have the chance. This plus a frother can also help encourage you to make your favorite hot drinks at home and actually save money in the long run!

5) InstantPot

The InstantPot is a game changer for cooking. Especially with the Fall season in full swing and winter season upon us, this is the time of year especially when you’ll want something to make those delicious soups and warm meals. An Instant Pot makes things easy, both for cooking and clean up. You can sauté in it, and add all ingredients in to make a delicious meal that would normally take longer in record time.

6) Dyson Air wrap

The Dyson Air wrap is one of the most expensive hair tools on the market, and Black Friday is the time to buy it if you’ve had your eye on it for a while. It styles your hair in gorgeous waves and with plenty of body, and causes significantly less damage thanks to its unique technology.

7) Airpod case

Airpods are considered a must for many people, and a cute case to carry them in and protect them is a way you can also add some style to your technology.

8) Massage gun

A massage gun is a great tool to use for after workouts and help release muscle tension. For many it can make all the difference in how sore they are and recovery after movement, exercise, and even just day to day life.

9) Scented candles

Scented candles are a Fall favorite, and Black Friday is a great time to pick some up in different scents and sizes!

10) UGG slippers

Cozy slippers are worth the investment to keep comfortable at home, and UGG slippers are easily one the most popular brands that will also last you years.

What is on your Black Friday Wishlist this year?

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