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9 Signs You Must Invest In A Kitchen Makeover Right Now

A kitchen makeover sounds like a daunting project for homeowners because it involves a lot of work. You will probably want a change in the look and feel of your cooking space when it comes to a makeover. Even if you opt for a small scale, you will expect to pick a refresh for the walls, cabinets, tiles, floorings, and lighting and plumbing fixtures. If you want to go for a bigger scale, you can strip the entire space and start from scratch. Either way, the project will cost money and require effort. But you cannot postpone an impending makeover forever. At some point, you will see signs that indicate you should pick the project sooner rather than later. Here are some telltale indications you should watch out for.

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Outdated appearance

If your kitchen looks outdated, you must plan an upgrade right away. The idea of a drab-looking cooking space can hit your motivation. Imagine the feeling you get if a visitor steps into your kitchen for a glass of water. Moreover, it hits the value of your property if you plan to sell it down the line.  Check the latest design trends on websites and home decor magazines. Do not hesitate to go ahead with a makeover if your space looks far behind the trends. Consider a change even if you simply hate the look and feel of your kitchen.

Changing needs

Your needs evolve with time, and your living space may not suffice once you have a bigger family. You require more space in the kitchen when you have children or older parents living with you. Likewise, you may want to downsize if kids move to college or their own homes. A change in lifestyle and new trends are other reasons to invest in a makeover. Maybe, you want to cook as a couple or dine inside the cooking space. You will have to rework the design and layout accordingly. 

A lack of functionality

If you feel that your cooking area lacks functionality, a change is the need of the hour. Essentially, you must have a kitchen work triangle with three points- the stove and oven, the sink, and the refrigerator. These elements should be at an optimal distance to create a perfect workspace. Consider your comfort level in the existing layout and opt for a makeover if it seems amiss. Some owners prefer the open concept feel, so they go ahead with a revamp. 

Inadequate storage and prep space

Your kitchen must have a minimal amount of space for storage and prep. A lack of enough storage means you have to place your stuff on the countertop, and it can give the area a cluttered feel. Also, you will end up with a smaller prep area when the countertop is crowded with jars and boxes. It makes sense to invest in new cabinets to address both concerns. The good thing is that you have the option of RTA if you want Cheap kitchen cabinets for the project. These ready-to-assemble cabinets fit into the budget, and you can even install them without professional help. 

Leaks and electrical issues

A makeover is recommended sooner rather than later if your space has leaks and electrical issues. Watch out for signs of leakage in the sink, pipes, dishwasher, and garbage disposal because these are high-risk zones. Additionally, burnt bulbs and flickering lights indicate electrical issues. It may be old wiring or worn-out fuses. Both issues are more serious than you imagine as they elevate the risks of mold and fire hazards. The last thing you want is to deal with health and safety issues in your kitchen, so get a revamp right away.

Poor lighting

Poor lighting is another sign you must not overlook, as it affects the look and feel of your cooking space. Even the best decor can look dull and drab if the lighting isn’t good enough. It can affect your cooking skills and even make you feel low at some point. Ensure that you have functional task lighting in the work area. Adding some statement pendants and under-cabinet lights can ramp up the ambiance of a small space. You feel happy and energetic in a well-lit kitchen.

Cleaning hindrances

If cleaning your kitchen seems like a massive task, you can consider a refresh right away. Check for signs that make the space appear dirty and forlorn. For example, faded walls, stained grout lines on your tiles, and grimy floors are hard to clean. You may spend hours scrubbing and shining the cabinets, but they never look polished. The best way to handle the struggle is by giving them a complete makeover.

Pest problems

A quick makeover can do wonders for your kitchen if you constantly deal with pests. Seeing a cockroach in the cabinets and flies near the dustbin can be depressing. You may feel even more apprehensive if you suspect a rodent infestation in this part of the house. The idea of having them around is scary as they can cause serious health issues for your family. Do not ignore the smallest signs because your kitchen probably has a space for pests to enter. Opt for a remodeling project right away. 

Selling plans

Renovating your kitchen is a good idea if you plan to sell your property in the foreseeable future. Consider a refresh as a value-addition to get you a better price for the place. Potential buyers often go the extra mile to check areas like the kitchen and bathrooms. A modern, functional kitchen can be the selling point. Step back and think what a potential buyer will expect to see in the cooking space. Plan a budget refresh project to get offers flowing.

Homeowners should definitely watch out for these signs and plan makeover projects when they spot them. A random revamp also makes sense if you want to transform the look and feel of your cooking space. All you need is good planning and budgeting, and you can complete the project without spending a fortune. You deserve the best as a homeowner. So make this worthy investment without second thoughts.

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