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Best Products For A No Makeup Makeup Look

A lot of us struggle to choose the right makeup when we know it’s really hot out there. No one wants their makeup to melt away. Also, a lot of people love the no-makeup makeup look for summer and prefer going out wearing minimal beauty products. So we’ve rounded up the perfect products to achieve that no-makeup makeup look for this season that feels super light on your skin.

The secret to a no-makeup makeup look lies within having healthy and hydrated skin.

So, in this post, I will list skincare as well as beauty products that have fewer chemicals and are not harsh on your skin.

The makeup listed will all be mostly sweatproof so that you can freely wear it under the sun and have an amazing summer in the outdoors.

So let’s begin with the Best Products Under $40 For A No-Makeup Makeup Look:

Milk Makeup – Blur Stick  ($36)

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If you want that natural no-makeup look, milk makeup products are probably one of the best for that.

Especially this Blur stick which is a Silicone-free matte primer. Super easy to apply as it comes in a stick. It has a creamy but matte consistency and glides through your skin perfectly as you apply.

Even though it’s a primer, you’re good to go with just this even without a foundation if you’re trying to go for that no-makeup look.

It blurs all the blemishes, spots, and fine lines. A perfect quick tool to add to your summer makeup routine.

Milk products are totally vegan and cruelty-free.


TARTE SEA Surfer Curl Volumizing Mascara ($23.74)

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If you are going for a natural look, chances are you’re planning to skip any eye makeup. But we still want lusciously long eyelashes, right? Who wants to step out without mascara.

But in summer, however, there is a good chance your mascara will melt off or smudge because of all the sweat.

Lucky for us, they make these great sweat-free mascaras. Phew! This Curl Volumizing Mascara by Tarte gives a natural look to the eyelashes and is perfect to make the cut into our summer makeup.

Milk Makeup – Lip + Cheek ($33.69)

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I have so many favorites from Milk makeup, it was super hard not to include everything! So I am gonna add just one more product and be fair!

This Multi-use sheer blush and lip tint by Milk is amazing. Once again, it’s super easy to use as it comes in a stick. AND It’s multi-purpose! easily roll it on the lips and you have a tinted look which is great for summer and then you can go ahead and just dab a little on your cheeks and voila!

A quick tip: I dab a little of it on my eyelids too just to make them look more awake and fresh and trust me it works! In fact, any gloss or lip balm works great on the eyelids and gives a nice fresh summer look for the eyes. 

Mac cosmetics – Strobe Cream ($34.95)Buy on Amazon

I can guarantee that once you use Mac’s strobe cream, you won’t touch anything else for your face again! NO this is not at all, sponsored. I swear by this product.

It is a moisturizer that illuminates and boosts a dull face and makes it look fresh and awake.

Using a strobe cream is sometimes all you need but if you must, then you can use it as a primer before foundation. You can also use it as a highlighter for a more natural look.

The best thing about this product is that it hydrates your face which is what most of your summer products should do.

Wunderbrow- brow tint gel

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Last but not least on our list for summer natural makeup look products, is this brow gel.

Since we are trying to achieve a no-makeup look, using a brow pencil might not give the most natural-looking results.

Instead, this brow tint gel is the perfect brow solution for summer. It is waterproof, smudge-proof, and will last until you decide to take it off. This semi-permanent tint is great for achieving natural-looking fuller brows that you can enjoy even out in the sun without worrying.


Hope you enjoyed and found our list of summer products for a no-makeup makeup look that are all super affordable.

Let us know in the comment section what your favorite summer products are!

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