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Camo Print Is Still In! Try These 9 Camo Outfit Ideas

The question “Is camo still in?” might pop up in your head every now and then. The answer is, Yes! Camo is evergreen and some might even argue it is a closet staple. The print that was made to make soldiers “camoflouge” in the environment is ironically worn these days in street style to stand out in the crowd. Camo is not an easy print to pull off. Finding the right camo piece, and pairing it with the right clothes and accessories is a skill not many have and is essential to create the perfect camo outfit.

Here are a few outfit ideas we curated to inspire you and some cool camo pieces you can buy now.

Camo Outfit Ideas

Style a cute cropped camo jacket with military style cargo pants like the image above. We love how the red beret creates a layered, unique look.

Let the camo pants shine by keeping the top and the shoes all black.

Kourtney Kardashian via

Take inspiration from the Kardashian sisters and wear your camo cargo pants with white tops for a laid-back look. Doc Martens go brilliantly with this kind of look.

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Kim Kardashian

Wear a cute crop top with baggy pants in camo print for a chic day outfit.

Victoria Beckham via

An Oversized camo jacket is perfect to top off an all black ensemble. The heeled ankle boots give the perfect going-out finish to the otherwise laid-back look.

Take the oversized jacket look up a notch by adding a belt on top of it. A chained satchel completes the look by adding more style to it.

Try a loose t-shirt for an everyday look. Here, Sincerely Jules is rocking the camo t-shirt with a pale green pair of pants and white strappy heels.

Kate Foley in camo Bermuda shorts

Camo Bermuda shorts also made the cut in this list of outfit ideas. In the above look, the shorts look great with a plain black jumper and the golden heels make the whole look unique and street style worthy.

Shop Camo Pieces

Here are some camo pieces we love that you can add to your wardrobe now.

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