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Kitchen update – Change your antique door into a wall mirror

How to convert an antique door into a wall mirror?

When it comes to decorating various spaces within your home, the end result is as unique as the creativity of the person doing it. Many people value antiques for various reasons; of course there are those who believe that things made before a certain era are more durable and functional. Antique mirrors are among the most sought after and collected pieces – you can never have enough mirrors in one house plus the light we invite into our homes using mirrors is simply impressive. Do you believe in ‘Feng Shui’? The Chinese believe that having mirrors in a living or working space balances the energy flowing within the space; clearly, the more the better. 

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Is it worth updating the old door to the wall mirror?

Even if you have never been to France, one thing that you might be aware of is that the French love to look good. This not only applies to the way they dress but also to the way they accessorize their homes. The antique mirror door is a common sight in this part of the world – judging from the French’s fashion sense these door styles might have been adopted partly to solve the problem of confirming personal elegance before stepping out into the street. 

If you happen to bring in one of these pieces into your home, the fact is that you also add character to the space you use it. A repurposed antique mirror door is also a great conversation starter for those who are constantly hosting. 

Being an individual is about standing out from the crowd and this applies not only to your personality, fashion sense and preferences but also in the items you pick to decorate and liven up your space. Two antique mirror doors might have been made in the exact same design, but the art and technique of updating them to serve as wall mirrors results in different end pieces. 

Things to consider while updating an old antique door to a wall mirror

Updating an old antique door to a wall mirror sounds like a great idea but there are factors to consider before you can start on any project. Remember that an old door is just like any other unless it bears some form of unique features that are impossible to ignore. For instance, is the antique door priced within your budget? You need to take into consideration the amount of money you are willing to spend to acquire that door. While most antique items are regarded highly for their age, modern technology can be applied to replicate most and at a lower cost. Is it cheaper to buy that antique door or something modern? 

The other important aspect that must be carefully considered is the ornate nature of the door. Look at the artwork and elaborate designs on the item. Is this like anything you have seen before? How many artisans, if any, that you know who can replicate the decorations? How much time would it take and how much will such a task cost you? 

Finally, think about the touch of luxury that the old antique door will bring into your home. The Victorian era, for instance, is known for its sophisticated and classy pieces. If the final mirror hanging on your wall will bring out this aspect, then the old antique door, which you are considering, is well worth it. 

Steps to update antique door to a wall mirror

If you have a wall space that you believe will look great with an antique mirror, relax, you do not have to spend a fortune on one. The following are simple steps you can take to transform an old antique door into a wall mirror; 

Before you begin, you will need to assemble the following items; a large frame (photo frame), kitchen roll, spray bottle, water/vinegar solution, 400ml Matt Black painter’s touch paint and 150ml silver mirror effect paint.

The steps:

  1. Take the glass out of the frame and wipe it clean to remove specks of dust. 
  2. Make a water solution containing one-part vinegar and two parts water – spray this all over the glass. 
  3. Put the mirror effect paint in a spray bottle and apply a single coat over the mirror. 
  4. Immediately after applying this mirror effect paint, dab off the vinegar/water solution. This not only removes the solution but also creates a mottled antique effect. 
  5. The next step is to apply at least 2 coats of the painter’s touch paint on the frame’s backing board 
  6. Once the backboard and glass are dry enough, put them back together.

There you have it, a perfectly crafted antique mirror that you have upcycled. 

Where can you get an antique mirror?

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