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A Guide To Dark Academia Aesthetic Room Decor

A simple guide to Dark Academia Aesthetic Room Decor. Ideas and Inspirations to create or redo your bedroom with dark academia aesthetic.

What is the Dark Academia Aesthetic?

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As I mentioned in my other article on Dark academia, if you are a proactive internet user, there is a high chance you have come across this popular trend at some point.

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Dark Academia is an aesthetic that revolves around literature, academics, mystery and arts. It is heavily inspired by European architecture, history, Greek Arts, Gothic and Dark elements.

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Although, the aesthetic sounds intense and dark to some but its harmless and creative. In fact, it’s based on a passion for learning.

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This growing subculture has taken the internet by storm and there are many online communities that revolve around dark academia.

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All You Need To Know About Dark Academia Aesthetic Room Decor:

Color Palette – dark moody, neutral, beige, browns

As the name suggests, the color scheme for this aesthetic comprises – dark and moody colors. So the goal is to bring in a  lot of neutral to dark tones in the room and create a moody vibe.

Bedding – bulky, layered, cozy

The bedding can be kept bulky with a lot of layers of sheets, duvet and blankets. Preferably a bouncy big mattress.

All this to give the effect of an old dorm style bedding.

Just like Harry Potter’s dorm room in Hogwarts for instance.

Old Books

The aesthetic – dark academia – at the end of the day revolves around academics and learning. So books are an obvious part of the décor. Here’s a very chic decor item you can buy off Amazon that looks like Antique books but are storage boxes.

You can bring in old and new books and stack them all up, keep them everywhere around the room to bring in that academic feel.

Dark wood furniture

For furniture, it is important to stick to the moody mystery vibe. Any light tone furniture can mess up the aesthetic we are going for. 


So it is important to use rusty, dark wood furniture for the décor.


You can thrift some old vintage furniture with engravings. Or possibly reuse some old pieces lying around. 


Here’s a desk from Amazon that we think would look great for a dark academia look.

You can also add a mirror with a golden frame somewhere in the room for that vintage look.

Small details and accessories

Mystery, as I said earlier, is core to this aesthetic. So try to fill up the room with some handpicked trinkets and accessories that have a story attached to them.

Small mysterious pieces of décor can really add to the personality of the room.

Try adding Greek sculptures as they are very popular in this culture/aesthetic. You can thrift such sculptures, it’s even better if you find broken/chipped ones.

If that is not a possibility, there are many such items available in online stores. One such store I found online is

Creeper plants

You can add plants, but not all sort of plants may go with this aesthetic. The ones I can think of that look the best are creepers. If you don’t have a green thumb, you can go for Artificial plants that can be easily found on amazon.

You can just place them on books, near windows or random corners.

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Display Art supplies/music instruments

Once again, academia is the core essential part of the aesthetic.

You can add your art supplies like a wooden Easel or music instruments such a violin or a guitar as part of the décor.

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