How To Turn Your Home Into A Tropical Paradise

Summer has arrived and who doesn’t just want to escape for a vacay in this hot weather? Sadly it might be too early to slip out for a holiday. However, you can certainly give your home a special tropical makeover this season and bring paradise home.  This summer’s latest interior trends have a lot of tropical vibes. So, this post will show you how to transform your home into a tropical paradise.

Everyone wants to come back home to a refreshing environment where you can just relax and sip a margarita. It might be easier than you think to revamp your home into a modern tropical retreat.We have found the perfect ways to add tropical decor to your interior design. So let’s begin.

Dining room installation at Casa Decor in Madrid by Virginia Gasch

Wallpapers and Accent Walls

So let’s start with the walls. Choosing the correct wallpaper or the correct paint is extremely important. It’s always the wallpaper that decides most of the vibe of the room. So if you want to make your home feel like a tropical paradise, the right kind of wallpaper is the key to it. We have picked out just a few of our favorite patterns for the tropical theme below. But there are thousands of wallpapers for this theme out there. So pick the one you vibe with the most.

It’s also important to think through what activities go on in the room before deciding on the wallpaper for it. For example, the pineapple wallpaper below looks extremely refreshing for the bar area in a house. When you sit and sip on a drink, it will definitely feel like a vacation.

Leo’s Oyster Bar in San Francisco | Picture from Architectural Digest

If patterned wallpaper isn’t your style, you can go for darker paints which are in vogue right now. Such as dark grey, navy blue or emerald green. It’s not just about patterns not being your style. If you have furniture that you want to highlight in your space, and not let the walls overpower the room, dark paint is the right option.

If not any of that, then white is always the correct option. White walls, however, would go better with a more boho style theme including wicker furniture giving out a beach house vibe.

A Lot of Brass

If you want to make your home look like a GLAM tropical paradise, then adding a lot of brass material is essential. It gives a rich feel to the space and makes it look luxurious and modern.

Picture from AUDENZA.COM

As you can see in the board I’ve created below, adding brass elements have endless options. From furniture to decoratives, you can choose whatever you like. But make sure you don’t overdo it as it can kill the whole relaxed vibe.

The key items from the board are listed below, click on them to go where you can buy them!

Velvet or Wicker

Coming to the furniture, particularly, chairs. The velvet swivel chairs are so much in trend right now. And they look amazing with the whole paradise vibe and tropical decor. The velvet chairs add to the luxury look we are going for. And the chair below, as also mentioned in the board we looked at above, has a brass base, which is the element we want to add to the whole look.

The feather collection from Anthropologie has these amazing velvet chairs and the same design also comes in beds. So to carry this look into the bedroom, this bed is a perfect choice.

If velvet and brass are not the exact definitions of relaxing for you, you might want to consider the whole beach house look we talked about in the beginning. Wicker furniture is the perfect answer to that. Wicker armchairs are no longer limited to being garden furniture. They look great if you are going for a more earthy, bohemian tropical look.

Tropical Prints

Of course, the easiest and fastest way to add the tropical vibe is to add tropical prints to the home decor. This can be done through bed sheets, throw pillows, shower curtains, or wall arts.

A quick tip for tropical bathroom decor: Even though adding a tropical print shower curtain does most of the work, adding lots of plants is a great idea. A bunch of plants in the bathroom would make you feel like you are showering in a rain forest. And the best part is that plants are easier to maintain in bathrooms as you can water them while you shower and also, there is more moisture in there.

Decorative lamps

Okay, so there are a bunch of decorative lamps out there that go with the Tropical Home theme. There are pineapple lamps, flamingo lamps, palm tree lamps, etc. However, these Ostrich Feather Lamps are my personal favorites. They look so fun, go amazingly well with the whole paradise look, and come in different colors.

Wink Pendant Lamp by Houtique

The Perfect Bar Cart

If you are turning your home into a summer retreat, chances are you will definitely need a bar cart! These bamboo bar carts look so chic and are the perfect fit for our tropical theme.

Plants and Chill…

No matter what furniture or decoratives you decide to choose to revamp your place into a Tropical Home, a corner to just relax is absolutely essential. Without a chilling spot, you can’t call it a tropical paradise, can you?

If you are lucky enough to have a backyard, then that is amazing. But if you don’t have one or just simply prefer to chill indoors, then you can make a chill spot. Taking inspiration from this one-of-a-kind Airbnb, you can add a hammock or a swing in a corner where you get lots of sunlight. And then throw in a lot of plants in there. Just add endless plants to this place and it will feel like you brought the outdoors indoors. Ta-Da! this is your chill spot. Read books, sip some cocktails and just relax in your tropical paradise.

The Dreamcatcher Hotel in San Juan

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