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How To Be More Environmentally Friendly at Home

Being environmentally conscious at home is more than making that deliberate effort to reduce the amount of trash you produce. You ought to adopt an overall eco-friendly lifestyle that will contribute towards protecting every aspect of our planet. Frankly, it can be hard making that leap but this article will discuss a few tweaks you can make to be more environmentally friendly at home.

Purchase products with less packaging

Many times we tend to buy products we don’t need. Unfortunately, this often results in the accumulation of packaging materials in our landfills and the acceleration of our product’s carbon footprint. While it is impossible to avoid packaging altogether, opt for products with fewer packaging materials. Reuse the packaging materials in your home or donate them to your local shipping service.

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Reuse and recycle

Talking of reusing, recycling is one way to help conserve the environment and reduce our energy consumption. It is quite simple. Sort out your trash and separate the secondary materials such as glass, metal, and plastic for reuse in other products. For instance, used aluminum cans make up to 40% of the raw materials in the manufacturing industry.

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Steer clear of disposable products and bottles

The manufacture of disposable products such as plastic utensils and diapers leads to toxic greenhouse gases in the air. These products are also designed to last a short time, leading to increased waste. One way you can live a zero waste lifestyle is to invest in high-quality glassware and dishes that can be washed and stored for future use. Use rechargeable batteries and cloth diapers, and napkins and kick that habit of drinking water from disposable bottles.

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By donating clothes, equipment, and furniture you no longer need, you give these items a second life and reduce their carbon footprint by half. Look for organizations that help people in need or provide things to your local church and children’s home. You could also donate your building tools and materials you don’t use.

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Avoid purchasing idle equipment

Try avoiding spending money purchasing equipment that will end up lying idle in your toolbox or shed. Well, find friends who can loan you their equipment or go to a specialty rental business for equipment you will need to use once in a while.

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Change to energy-efficient light bulbs

If you haven’t already, it is time to take out your incandescent lights for LED light bulbs. Well, they consume 75% less energy and last 25 times longer. These LED lights also emit less heat, making them safer for home use. Not only will you save more money on utility bills, but you also get to be more environmentally friendly at home.

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Ditch the plastic bags

It might sound like a cliché but plastic bags are still the biggest problem in our environment. Remember, they won’t decompose. They cause many deaths of land and marine animals when they are either mistakenly consumed or cause suffocation. It would be best to decline the plastic bags at retail stores. Start using reusable bags for those groceries.

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Upcycle old items

If you love some bit of creative work, there are plenty of DIY video tutorials on YouTube and the Internet that show you how to repurpose plastic and wine bottles. In addition to adding a personal touch to your home, you contribute to reducing greenhouse gases in the air and give old items a new life.

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Wrapping up

We hope you have found this article helpful and formed healthy habits that promote environmental conservation. Start inculcating the habits even in other members of the family.

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