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How To Create A Scandinavian + Bohemian Living Room

If you are looking to create a Scandinavian + Bohemian Living Room, Read on…

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Less is more. That is what minimalism is all about. And the trend has been in for quite a while now. Opposed to this belief, the bohemian decor is all about embracing maximalism. But what happens when both, minimalism and maximalism, meet?  It creates an eclectic decor trend to die for. So let’s talk about  “How to Create A Scandinavian- Bohemian Living Room”.

Scandinavian home decor is all about neutrals, minimalism, earthy tones and clean lines.

While Bohemian, on the other hand, is all about bright colours, lively patterns and maximalism.

In this post, we’ll talk about combining both of these design styles and incorporating them into living room decor.

So let’s get to it.

1. Use earthy/neutral tones for Scandinavian decor

The Scandinavian decor style makes extensive use of earthy tones and neutral colours as it is very minimal.

So add a lot of warm tones to the decor. The way to do so is by keeping the walls white or neutral, using a lot of natural material, and neutral furniture.


2. Throw in patterns and pops of colours to create a  Bohemian Living Room

Bohemian style, on the other hand, is all about patterns, colours and liveliness.

To blend that with the minimalistic Scandinavian style, you can use accessories and decor items to throw in some colour in your Bohemian living room.

You can use patterned rugs, throw pillows and lots of decor items.


Add in some artwork or paintings for more colour addition.

Source: The Jungalow

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3. Find the perfect balance between subtle and loud

The trick is to find the perfect balance between both the design styles. You have to add the right amount of neutral tones and pair them with an adequate amount of bright coloured accessories and patterns.

This balance is going to perfect the Scandinavian Bohemian look we’re trying to achieve.

4. Use natural materials

Both the styles we are working with here make extensive use of natural materials like wood, jute, wicker items, etc. Incorporate a lot of these into the decor and furniture selection. It adds the natural vibe and keeps the neutral and earthy tones going on.

Using natural material like wood will even out the loud accessories we use and harmonize the whole decor structure.


5. Layer rugs

Another element of this style is to layer rugs. Scandinavian style does NOT include wall to wall carpets and instead makes use of a lot of rugs – more neutral ones, though. Bohemian decor is all about using fun, colourful, patterned rugs. You can layer them and create great effects.

While layering rugs, the best practice is to put a bright or louder rug on top of a more neutral one. For example in the picture below, A jute rug, which is more neutral, is layered beneath the other rug which is full of pattern and colours.

What this does is, the more fun and patterned rug highlight the area it’s used in, while the neutral rug below extends the warm feeling of a rug without obstructing the decor. So add this to you Scandinavian-Bohemian Living Room.


You can also layer neutral coloured patterned rugs like in the picture below.

If the furniture and decor are more basic and neutral, this layering would add the required patterned we need to achieve a Scandinavian + Bohemian Living Room.


6. Comfortable seating

Scandinavian style is all about useful spaces and functionality of furniture. So uncomfortable pieces and purely decorative furniture are not used much.

While Bohemian style has a very laid back and freely vibe to it. So what it means is, comfortable seating is a major part of blending these decor styles.

You can make use of hanging swings, pouffes and floor seating arrangements to create a comfortable and laid back vibe.

The aim is to make an inviting and comfortable space with functional and simple areas.


Add a lot of throw pillows, seat cushions, throws, blankets and make these seating areas cozy.

7. Add lots of plants

Plants are an important element of the boho vibe. They add the natural element to the decor and also a lot of life and colour to indoor spaces. Using wicker baskets for planters look great with this decor.

The whole Urban jungle trend is also really taking off, so adding loads of plants in all your house decor is great.

8. Add wall art and gallery walls

As we talked earlier, the walls are usually kept white or neutral shade in this decor. Wallpapers are not often used. So adding wall art and a lot of paintings that speak your personality add a lot of element to style.

Create gallery walls and add quirky stuff on floating shelves to keep the walls busy.

9. Let in the natural light

Apart from the neutral/ warm lights that are used, the Scandinavian and Bohemian style culture mostly supports natural light coming in. Let the windows show and the natural light in. Using sheer curtains or mostly white curtains help this as it leaves a lot of room for it to be bright.

Apart from the natural light, use warm light for all the lamps and other lighting around the space.

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