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How To Decorate Like A Celebrity -Glamorous Home Decor Ideas

Have you always wanted your home to look like its straight out of Architectural Digest? Do celebrity homes make you want to live in glamorous spaces?

Why not learn how to decorate like a celebrity and bring the glamour home.

1. Find your personality and go overboard with it in your designs

One thing celebrity homes have is a lot of “personality”. Celebs try to put pieces of themselves in their home decor which makes it all the way more unique and personal. This is how you get a space to look expensive – customize it. Make it about yourself. You’d want to look at a piece and tell your guests why it is special and what makes it part of your home.

Inside Sabyasachi Kolkata Home | This Man Can Do More Than Just Make Lehengas - Frugal2Fab

2. Invest in some genius artworks

Celebs sure do love the artworks they curate. Investing in some great art always a good idea as it gives your space a glow up and makes your home look expensive. Art can be expensive to buy but it is worth investing because the resale value only goes all the way up.

3. Elegant & neutral tones

If you are not into a lot of patterns and colours and quirky stuff then elegance is the key. Neutral tones are a great way to make a space look classy and elegant.

Pops of modernism keep a sweet palette from becoming saccharine. -

3. Unique bathrooms

Glamour homes always have exceptionally unique bathroom spaces that are personally customized to suit your style and your needs. A regular bathroom might not get you the kind of attention you are seeking for your home. Go crazy with your bathroom designs and make it a space where you can relax and love coming home to.

Will Smith's bathroom, featuring a circular bathtub and vintage chandelier.

4. Faux Animal Skin Rugs

They make spaces look luxurious, no matter how plain or eccentric your furniture might be.

Late President Ronald Reagan’s L.A. Property Is Listed for $33 Million Photos | Architectural Digest

5. Use unique furniture

create spaces with unique identities. Use furniture that is unique and sets your place apart from the crowd. Mix different themes and design genres and come up with something that is unique to your personality.

osbournes house!

6. Personal colour palette

You can find a set of colours that speak to you the most and then work with the same set of colours throughout the house. It will create uniformity and every time someone sees those colours, they’ll think about your space.

Lo interiorismo de una sala de estar es una de las opciónes más importante de una casa y debes una decoración hermosa de interiores

7. Giant items

Celebrity homes have grand entrances which make them all the way more luxurious. You can use giant planters to give the same effect of luxury – but of course, only if you have a space big enough, otherwise things can get crowded.

8. Mix and match furniture


8-Decorating-Ideas-on-How-to-Choose-Fabrics-for-Upholstery3 8-Decorating-Ideas-on-How-to-Choose-Fabrics-for-Upholstery3

9. Souvenirs

Celebrities travel a hell lot. What makes their spaces special, are the stories behind the pieces they bring back from trips. They do create nice conversation starters.

If you travel, always make it a point to bring something back for your home, so that you can show off later.

Love the Art Deco in this Indian celebrity home. Inside Sabyasachi Kolkata Home. #Frugal2Fab

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Love the seating

Interior Design by Kelly Wearstler. Photo courtesy of Kelly Wearstler.

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