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How to Look More Stylish at Work

Figuring out an outfit for every day of the week can be a challenge. You have to rifle through your wardrobe in the hope of finding an outfit that is both stylish and comfortable. Sadly, it can be easy to find yourself gravitating towards the same clothes to avoid the “hard work.” Well, gone are the days where workwear felt predicated, stuffy, and lacked variety. Simply said, you need to up your game and stop wearing the same dull, laid-back clothes every day. In this article, we share some office-friendly outfits that will make you look super stylish!

Go with a blazer

Did you know that a blazer has been the pinnacle of sartorial elegance for the last century? It is one of the most versatile pieces that tackle any outfit with ease. Whether you are in the creative industry or the more professional one, a blazer is that one piece that quickly elevates your outfit. It is easy to style with any taste, profession, and age. A blazer effortlessly addresses your daily routine and all the sparkling occasions you might need to attend to during your day. Check out these tips on how to find the perfect blazer. The trick is to know what blazer to wear with what outfit.

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Pop of color

Who said that your corporate wardrobe should be all dark? Adding a pop of color to your outfit can simply take it from looking “meeh” to snazzy. It doesn’t have to be complicated. You could simply throw in a red scarf to your black suit, or instead of a neutral camisole, throw in a bright one. When picking a colorful outfit, it is crucial to keep your choices neutral. Minimize your makeup, have little to no jewelry. Doing this allows your outfit to remain professional while maintaining your own personal style.

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Take that casual a notch higher

It’s not surprising that people add casual wear to their office look. Well, there is nothing wrong with wearing jeans and a tee to the office. However, who wants to look basic while they could look stylish. Elevate your tee and jean game by throwing in a plaid blazer. There are many excellent casual work wear that you can explore. For example, invest in a stylish hoodie, ribbed tee, some trousers and loafers, a ribbed dress and sneakers, or a jumpsuit and a denim jacket.


Taking your casual look a notch higher could be as easy as adding casual accessories like hoodies and hats to your outfit.

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Style your hair

Perhaps you are aware that your choice of hairstyle makes a big statement about your look. When it comes to hair, a thin line lies between expressing your personality and paying attention to the message your hairstyle conveys. Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you look stylish:

  • If you have long hair, try wearing your hair up. A bun or sleek ponytail makes you appear serious, strong, and reliable.
  • If you have short hair, keep your curls short and tight. Loose curls make you appear more professional, less youthful, and wild.
  • If working in a conservative work environment, try to keep your accessories neutral. Avoid jingly, sparkly, and otherwise “loud ‘hair. A simple but stylish clip or ponytail holder does the trick.
  • If you are working in a creative industry, going blonde or brunette is not a wrong move.
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Upgrade your shoe game

Shoes are an integral part of your workwear look. They can elevate or downgrade your look in a second. A classic and effortlessly chic pointed pump for women will come in handy for your dresses. Think about what that black high-heeled Jimmy Choo shoe might do to your plaid pantsuit? Well, if you are not a heel person, the kitten, block, and heeled ankle boots are other great options.

Heels have a great way of boosting one’s confidence and giving that polished look. On the other hand, if you are a flat person, opt for flats with pointed toes for that chic, sleek, and finished look. Not a fan of the pointed flat?  Try the leather loafer or lace-up brogues.

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Refresh your dresses

It is no brainer that some ladies find themselves drawn to simple, plain, and pretty dull dresses. Who said professional dresses have to be boring and that stylish dresses are not professional. There are many professional and stylish dresses that you can play with. Below are some great options.

Wrap dresses: They are not only modest but also flattering, making them the perfect addition to your workwear.

Shirt dresses: Imagine donning a midi-length shirt dress and pairing it with a pointed pump? Perfect, right? Shirt dresses are chic, classic, and stylish.

Knitted dresses: The beauty that comes with knit dresses cannot be emphasized. It is soft, easy to slip on, and universally flattering with an unmatched level of comfort and sophistication. Have you checked out the Staud two-tone ribbed stretch-knit cardigan? Pure perfection, right?

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A fashionable bag will do the trick!

A handbag is a staple in your wardrobe, no matter your style, occasion, or season. Investing in a chic, carry everything work handbag is arduous but necessary. Treat yourself to an investment-worthy piece that will do the talking for you. When choosing the best work handbags, opt for something that has a sleek shape and pockets inside out. A tote bag is undeniably the most versatile and essential bag to add to your workwear.

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Dress the part

While some jobs call for a strict power suit, some allow for some expression in your style. Heard of the phrase “dress the part.” If you are in the creative industry, adding some personality to your outfit can shake things up for your style-wise.

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Do your nails

Nothing screams” put together ‘’ like wearing a fresh set of nails to work. Done nails are simply a little bonus to your office workwear. While it might be tempting to go all-in with color, opt for neutral tones, a tame and uniform color. Light pink, dark green, dark grey, and brown hues are some great options.

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Wrapping up

By now, you have probably picked one or two tips and tricks on how you will swatch things up or change your wardrobe. Interestingly, your appearance affects your mood, productivity, and performance. So, you might want to elevate that look.

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