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How To Make Spaces Pop With Colors

Welcome back! How’s your summer going so far? We’ve recently focused a lot on summer and spring trends, from fashion inspirations, home decor to even the books you need to read this season. Hopefully, my recommendations are coming in handy for you! Today I’m back with yet another post on home decor inspirations, “How to make spaces pop with color”!

Summer is all about vivid colors. How about bringing your interiors to life by making your home pop with these vivid colors. However, adding too much color can be a daunting task, especially in the age of minimalism. The key is to know where and how to incorporate the splash of colors.

As I always say, your home decor needs to reflect and express your own personality. But sometimes we need the inspiration to express our true style. So here are some of the best inspirations, ideas from Pinterest, and even the products/furniture I recommend, you need to make your home ooze with colors and life.

1. Gallery wall corners

A great way to incorporate lots of colors while keeping other spots in the house minimal or less bright is by creating corners for gallery walls. Add colorful frames, bright-colored furniture, and an accent wall.

2. Patterns and Colors

Plain/solid colors are not the only splash you can add. For more personality, add colorful patterns to your space. Such as stripes, geometrical patterns, zebra print, traditional prints, etc.

3. Say it with Pictures

Again, adding bits of your personality is so important to make your space feel homely and more “you”. Adding paintings and pictures are probably the best of achieving that. Find artwork that speaks to you and the colours that make up your vibe and just add it to your space.

4. Throw Pillows

Adding throw pillows is hands down the best way to add literally any theme or vibe to your home. A plain boring couch can instantly come to life with the right lively throw pillows. So make use of that and add beautiful, colourful throw pillows, lots of them!


5. Accessories and decoratives

If you like to keep your walls and furniture all white, adding colourful accessories and decorations can add all kinds of colours to the place. The best thing about this is that you can keep changing or switching vibes of your spaces. As the walls and furniture are white, you can experiment with different kinds of accessories and change the look of a space without spending much.

Adding colourful and patterned rugs/ carpets can instantly uplift the vibe of any room.

6. Wall art

Adding wall art is a very creative way of making a spot look eclectic and lively. Great thing about wall arts is that you can DIY them and make it more personal.

7. Colourful Furniture & Fittings

Colourful furniture looks so eclectic and full of life. A very trending decor trend is to place different coloured and kinds of dining chairs and it looks super chic and cute. Colourful couches also look amazing. The best thing is that adding a coloured couch is sometimes all you need to do add colour to any space. As a couch is what catches the eye most when you enter a room.

Colourful fittings in bathrooms and Kitchens are also super trendy. If you don’t want to go through the whole mess of getting brand new fittings, you can easily DIY them by painting drawers and cabinets.

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