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How To Show Appreciation To Your Groomsmen

Your wedding is perhaps the most important occasion in your life. Making it memorable requires a lot of effort and planning, and you cannot handle the burden on your own. Thankfully, wedding traditions work for brides and grooms in this context. Brides have bridesmaids, and grooms have groomsmen at their side throughout the preparations. They offer hands-on practical help, words of encouragement, and moral support as you get ready for the big day. They go the extra mile to make things easier so that you can enjoy your moment.

As a groom, you can actually depend on your groomsmen from start to end. They help organize a memorable stag party and manage the nitty-gritty of the wedding. They are even there to close the celebrations and send you off for your honeymoon. When your buddies do so much for you, they deserve some appreciation for the hard work. The good thing is that you need not move mountains to show your gratitude. Here are some simple ideas to thank your guy-squad for being there. 

Say Thank You

The easiest way to show how much you appreciate your groomsmen is by being vocal with a simple ‘Thank You’. Playing the role of groomsmen takes time, energy, and effort as they have to be there before, throughout, and after the wedding. They deserve words of gratitude every time they go the extra mile, so you must thank them on all occasions. Do not wait to say those words, rather be generous with praise and compliments. Your words mean a lot and motivate them to keep up the good gestures. 

Ask their opinions

Your groomsmen are a part of the celebrations, so make them feel like one. Ask their opinions about everything you do. Involve them with the preparations, right from selecting the venue to preparing guest lists, deciding the menu, and choosing the decor for the event. Discuss the smallest details like your tuxedo, the cake design, background music, and even your engagement ring. While involvement makes them happy, they may even have a great idea or two for you. The good part is that their opinions can help you make wiser choices and be more confident about your decisions. 

Take them along for appointments

Besides seeking the advice and opinions of your groomsmen, you can take them along for vendor appointments. The common ones include dress appointments, reception venue walkthroughs, accessory shopping, salon sessions, and cake and wine tasting. Even if you want your outfit trials to be more intimate with only your partner, you can share photos and videos with your squad. It is a good idea to ask them to join in for a pampering session at the salon. You can even surprise your buddies by booking a facial and massage appointment for them. 

Keep your squad in the loop

Showing appreciation for your tribe is also about keeping them in the loop. Provide the entire schedule with the dates and times of your engagement, wedding reception, and all other celebrations. After all, they spend their precious time planning and attending the celebrations. Keeping them in the loop ensures they do not miss out on any event as they can plan their calendar in advance. It becomes crucial if you plan to host out-of-town events. You can choose a single form of communication to include everyone in your groomsmen list. Emails, group texts, and Google Docs are ideal for sharing plans and timelines as they ensure everyone is on the same page. 

Surprise them with a memorable gift

Even a small gift can take you a long way when it comes to showing your gratitude towards your groomsmen. Think of a unique token they can cherish forever as a special memory. You need not worry about spending a fortune on gifts because the feeling behind them matters more than the price tag. There are plenty of inexpensive groomsmen gift ideas to explore. For example, you can give them classy cufflinks and tie bar sets for the occasion. Even better, give them the gift in advance so that they can wear it together on your big day. Just be thoughtful as you will not want to give something they will discard in the bottom of their drawer and forget about it forever. 

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Invite for a guy’s night out

There’s no denying that life will be different after marriage as priorities and responsibilities change. Your spouse will be the priority, and your guy squad has to take a back seat during the new phase. But you can do something special for your groomsmen by inviting them for a guy’s night out. It is a great way to show how much their friendship means to you. Think beyond girls and booze because you will probably have them for your bachelor’s night before the wedding. Think creatively and try something different. You can organize a party at your favorite college pub or have dinner at a restaurant that takes you down memory lane. 

Do something fun and memorable together

Your groomsmen deserve the best, so do something fun and memorable together to create happy memories of the special occasion. Watching a football match or even playing as a team is a great idea. Plan a surfing spree or an adventure sport as a gang, but make sure you do not take any risks. You can even take them out of town for a weekend trip before the big day. This is something every groom must do because you will probably not get a chance to do it again in the foreseeable future. If you want to keep things simple and inexpensive, a backyard barbecue is an option. 

It is easy to miss out on thanking your groomsmen amid the wedding celebrations, but you must make conscious efforts to appreciate them. These guys do their share by showing dedication and commitment. Make sure you do your bit by appreciating them in every way you can. Try these actionable ideas to say thanks to them in a special way!

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