How to Spring Clean Your Shoe Closet

Spring cleaning is a tradition that exists across many cultures. Whether it’s ushering in a new season, reopening windows after months of cold, or even just refreshing homes, the arrival of longer days tends to be synonymous with ‘out with the old and in with the new’ — even if it’s just deep cleaning our homes.

The ritual of spring cleaning also has fascinating holistic benefits affirms one clinical psychologist. Speaking to Healthline, Carla Marie Manly, Ph.D., says, “When we envision spring-cleaning as a time to rejuvenate our inner and outer world, the cleanup process can be incredibly enlivening rather than being a tiresome chore.”

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Despite the prevalence and positive returns of this tradition, not all areas of our homes get a look-in. One aspect that’s often bypassed is our shoes and our associated ‘Shoe Closets’. While we’re all guilty of not storing our shoes properly — especially when we take them off the moment we get home — there are major returns on proper cleaning, storage and organization of our footwear.

For example, making it a priority to have a ‘Spring Clean’ system for your shoes can help with hygiene with one report finding that the exterior of shoes studied averaged 421,000 units of bacteria whereas the inside had only 2,887 units. The same report also found that 96% of the same shoes had fecal bacteria present.

So, what’s the best place to start with spring cleaning your shoes? Below, we have an infographic from Walsh Brothers Shoes who developed this visual guide to show you, ‘How to Spring Clean Your Shoe Closet’. Check out the full graphic and get ready to organize your footwear plus care for your shoes so they last longer.

One unexpected outcome that you will relish hearing is that it makes sense to invest in better shoes when you are more thoughtfully maintaining them between wears as well as seasons — it’s all about quality and proper care!

Visual Guide to How to Spring Clean Your Shoe Closet

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