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How To Style An Oversized Blazer: 7 Ways

Oversized blazer, the super chic trend has been all over the internet, for a while now. What are the best ways to style it, though? Here are a few tips and tricks to style your oversized blazers and look ultra hot when you hit the streets.

1. Let the oversized blazer take over.

You took your time to find the perfect blazer, why not let it speak for itself? no need to put anything over it. Let it shine! A nice pair of dangling earrings and heels would suffice to go with it.

Kendall Jenner

2. Keep it casual

You can wear a nice casual outfit like cargo pants, and a cute crop top. Then put on the blazer on time and turn the casual to chic instantly.

Same goes with skirts and nice t-shirts. Just putting a good old oversized blazer on top turns everything sassy.

3. Put on a Belt.

How about putting on a belt and wearing it as a dress. The belt can range from a nice old buckled leather belt or the latest industrial belts that you can let hang down.

4. Wear it as a winter coat.

Why not spice up your winter outfit? Toss the same old winter coats and wear a warm oversized blazer.

5. All neutrals

Checked blazers look great with an all-neutral outfit. It gives that classic 90s vibe.

6. Wear it on a dress.

Bright coloured blazers look great with dresses. Put one on a dress and then maybe pair it with a belt? instant glam.

Camila Coelho

7. With thigh-high boots.

Wearing a blazer as a dress is a look for winter too! And it looks great with thigh high-boots.

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