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What Is Preppy Aesthetic? 7 Preppy Style Essentials

Another trending aesthetic on the internet is the Preppy aesthetic. There’s so many ways you can style an outfit inspired this subculture. But what exactly is it? Read on to find out.

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What is Preppy Aesthetic?

Often referred to as Prep or “preppie”, The Preppy aesthetic is an American sub-culture. The term stereotyped students that went to old private Northeastern university-preparatory schools.

This aesthetic is characterised by upper-class upbringing and often reflects values such as narcissism, snootiness or elitism.

It inspired “Old money aesthetic” TikTok subculture which is trending these days. There are countless outfits inspired by this aesthetic and you can style them too. In this post, we’ll breakdown the preppy aesthetic and how to build a preppy outfit.

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Preppy Fashion

The preppy aesthetic draws cues from the upper-class attending Ivy league schools. Naturally, the preppy fashion is high-class, sophisticated and elegant.

The preppy style incorporates nautical stripes, checks and pastel colours.

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Here are some staple items that you need to build preppy aesthetic outfits:

Polo Shirts

You can pair a polo shirt with a pleated skirt. Lastly, put on white tennis shoes to complete the look.


Pleated Skirts

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Knitted V-Style Sweater

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A nice warm cropped cardigan paired with a pleated skirt makes the perfect preppy look.

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To get that elite look, blazers are essential!

Trench Coats

Blair Waldorf is the perfect flag bearer of the Prep style. You can draw inspiration from her and pull off a trench coat.

Co-ord Sets

Preppy fashion is all about looking sophisticated and classy. Nothing looks more put together than a co-ord set.


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