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Why You Need Yellow Walls In Your Home

If you were asked to think of a happy color, yellow is the first to pop up in the mind for most of us. Because of the sun, the color yellow is associated with warmth and happiness. Yellow walls certainly make any space brighter, more creative and full of life.
I have found these pictures across Pinterest that show us some genius ways to decorate with yellow walls.

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Now let us look into Why You Need Yellow Walls In Your Home

Yellow Walls Add a Playful Urban Look

If you want to play around with quirky accessories and eclectic furniture, Yellow walls are a great way to add to the playful vibe

Dulux has revealed the hues of the year ahead in four striking and stunning colour palettes: Repair, Wholeself, Legacy and Identity.
A yellow wall does not have to be limited to paint. Yellow tiles look great in the kitchen and add a playful urban look.

It Can Be Used To Create Divisions

In the picture above, observe how yellow has created a sense of division for the study area. Genius!

Another great example of how you can create sections/division using yellow in a room.

Paint Wall Panels or Around Them

If you have panelled walls, you can quirk things up by only painting the top yellow and leaving the beautiful bottom panels white.
Or vice versa.

Look at how the bottom wall panels were left white and the wall above was painted yellow in this picture. It is creating a great effect and making the room much more interesting, just by a play of paint!

Yellow Walls Balance Out The Room When Paired With Wood

The color also looks great with wooden furniture and earthy tones. Also, It balances out the room and enhances the wall color.

Quirk Things Up

Love how the color goes all the way from the ceiling to the floor in this picture above, with the yellow table and chairs in the picture below

You can paint the wall with yellow in shapes or sections, turning a plain boring wall into something more fun.

Don’t just limit yourself to the walls, go crazy and paint your boring old radiator yellow too!

Brighten Up Nooks and Corners

You can create nooks and corners creatively using yellow. Look how gorgeous this breakfast nook looks!

Here are some more inspirations for you:


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