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Spice Up Your 2022 With These Thoughtful Ideas – Expanding Horizons

Have you always lived a life of predictability? Do you have a fixed routine you never seem to break out of? Or are you a fun-loving, adventurous being with yet some hunger for more adventure?

2022 is another year to go again and make some difference. Whether you’re making some difference in your world or your life, a little change here and there is good for the soul. As they say, “variety is the spice of life.”

So come along; we believe these ideas below can help you spice up your year.

1. Perform random acts of kindness

The best thing about giving is that the benefits are not for the recipients alone. The givers also reap the benefits of giving in terms of their health and happiness. Shockingly, a 2008 study showed that people are happier when they spend money on others rather than themselves. Many studies show that generosity, happiness, and good health are interconnected, even among sick people.

So if you’ve always strived towards happiness, maybe you could try looking outwards more than inwards. Make it a habit of doing something kind for someone and standing up for people who are maltreated or discriminated against.

2. See nature more often

Sadly, most city dwellers in the United States don’t get to see much of nature. With boisterous streets, dense housing, and a busy lifestyle, urbanization leaves city-dwellers stressed and yearning for some quiet. Fortunately, science shows that nature can generate a feeling of calmness, concentration, improve moods, and reduce anxiety levels. In short, connecting with nature is associated with improved mental health.

Spice up your life in 2022 by connecting more with nature.

3. Try a new fashion style

Perhaps everybody knows you for T-shirts and jeans. You could try something else this year for a change. Or maybe you’ve never had a peculiar style; it’s whatever you lay hands on you put on. You can decide to be more intentional about your outfits this year.

Being conscious of your looks and knowing you’re stylishly dressed can improve your mood and give you a positive outlook.

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4. Leave an anonymous note to someone

You could do this online or offline. Try texting or writing an anonymous letter to a friend and tell them whatever comes to your mind. It could be some heartfelt gratitude or about their personality. But ensure there’s nothing to tie the nature of the content to you. That’s where the fun lies make it super difficult for them to guess who the sender is.

Telling someone about their good sides is also an excellent way to encourage them to become an even better person.

5. Take different paths to work

Do you have a regular path you always take to work? Perhaps it’s the shortest route, or there’s something you like about it. Or maybe there isn’t: you just fell accustomed to passing through it. If other paths lead to the same destination, why not try them sometime? Better still, make it random so that no one can predict where you’ll pass any day.

Suppose there’s a scenic route, all the better! Enjoy the view as you go to or return from work.

6. Eat and drink something different

Are you a coffee freak? Would you give everything you have to drink tea every day for two weeks?

With all the benefits tea bring, it’s almost everybody’s favorite. You can even spice things up this year by trying out different tea blends. Blended teas give you a richer, bigger flavor because you’re bringing many different teas to form one final product.

Try out different kinds of drinks and menus you’ve never tried before this year. You only live once, so experiment as much as you can.

7. Make more time for things you love

You only live once, and you’re only young once. A time will come when you’ll regret all the fun things you sacrificed because of something you thought was more important.

Take a break once in a while, dance to some good music, watch your favorite sport, hit the club if you yearn for the experience, or learn a skill. Engage in whatever gets your juices flowing. You become a happier person.

8. Learn a new skill

One way to spice up your life this year is by learning something new. Perhaps there’s something particular you’ve always loved: it could be mountaineering, skiing, horse-riding, painting, or knitting. You may even end up making money off your new hobby if you learn it well.

9. Take a road trip to nowhere in particular

If you don’t always get the time to go on vacation or can’t afford it, you can do a mini-vacation in your city. Take a road trip and stop by wherever appeals to you. Check out different restaurants and shows you’ve never tried before. That’s the idea: doing something different.

Chances are you’ll get into an exciting situation that will become a story to tell for years to come.

10. Get into a routine if you’ve never done so

Have you ever wondered how people manage with routines? Why not find out for yourself? You may get to like it.

One interesting way to spice up the year is by making meaningful adjustments throughout your day. Try waking up at a certain time each day, take deep breaths for 1-2 minutes to relieve stress in the middle and end of your day, and meditate every evening.

Mindfulness meditation can help you be more in sync with what’s going on around and within you presently rather than the past or future. You can also choose to set a time for “no social media use.”

11. Tweak up old habits

Sometimes, change doesn’t mean doing away with the old; it can also mean tweaking or improving. So what are some of your current habits you’re proud of? Is it your hair dye? Is it your fashion? Consider making some little tweaks to spice things up a bit.

A little change can do a world of good.

Bottom Line

2022 may be a fun-filled, memorable year, but it all depends on how you utilize the days it presents. Every day is an opportunity to do something more. Seize every moment and make the most of it.

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