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Why Milan Should Be Your Next Winter Escape

Milan, located in Northern Italy, is one of Italy’s wealthiest and most beautiful cities, yet most people overlook it for other popular cities. This city is fascinating, vibrant, and full of fantastic vacation destinations you will best explore during winter. On your next visit to Europe, add Milan to your Italian Itinerary as there is so much to do in the city along with the surrounding areas that we’ll explore here:

Shop on Via Montenapoleone

Get yourself high-end, ready-to-wear clothes on this upscale shopping street that hosts the best fashion brands renowned worldwide. Of course, when in Italy, you want to get something truly special, perhaps a piece of jewelry? Head to one of Milan’s main jewelers like Pisa Orologeria and browse the fabulous selection of jewelry to glam you up, Milanese style. The area offers you a wide variety of high-quality items and is easy to navigate thanks to the organized streets!

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Discover the Aperitivo Culture

bread on brown wooden round plate
Photograph by Chris Hahn

The Aperitivo is a pre-meal drink that is meant to open your stomach as per the Italian tradition. Milan is the best place to experience this cultural ritual, with the busy aperitivo hotspots fully buzzing between 7 pm and 9 pm. You can meet and experience the authentic Italian culture. Enjoy aperitivo with family or friends and grow deep respect for the importance of this type of human connection.

Day Trip to Madonna di Campiglio for Winter Sports

snow covered mountain under blue sky during daytime
Photograph by Jochen van Wylick

This resort is one of Italy’s top resorts, located below the spectacular Brenta Dolomites in Trentino. Add this to your to-do list if you want to have fun, relax, and get some adrenaline rush to make you feel lively again. Ensure you are dressed warm enough to avoid colds and to allow you to enjoy yourself comfortably!

Attend during fashion week

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Photograph by Raden Prasetya

Organized by the National Chamber of Italian Fashion, Settimana Della Moda is an internationally recognized clothing trade show held semi-annually in Milan. The event is held in February or March during winter. Go ahead and enjoy the runway’s real life with the events well-tailored to suit your needs regardless of age or gender. If you can’t get into the big-name shows, you can go crowd outside the shows and see all of the celebrities pile in.

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 Visit some of the world-class art museums like Fondazione Prada

brown painted house during daytime
Photograph by Gaetano Cessati

Many would describe Milan as a magical city owing to beautiful art museums and galleries that instantly melt your heart and lighten your mood. In addition to the magnificent Fondazione Prada, other museums have astonishing designs that you should check out. Did you know that some of the most famous artworks, such as Da Vinci’s painting of the ‘Last Supper” are on display in Milan?

Are you excited about your next trip already? Milan is a world-class city that’s got something to offer for everybody, no matter how much time you’ve got to spend! Don’t be afraid to submerge yourself in the lux Milanese lifestyle and tag your loved ones along for this incredible experience.

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