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What is Goblincore? A Guide to Goblincore Fashion & Aesthetic

Let us introduce you all to Cottagecore’s cousin Goblincore. While cottagecore might be a romanticised version of living in the nature, goblincore is what it actually is. It fully embraces what mother nature provides. We will explore more about this truly liberating culture below that has quickly gained popularity especially amongst the LGBTQ community.

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What is Goblincore?

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This new popular TikTok trend is all about embracing what the society deems “ugly”. Goblincore celebrates the unattractive parts of nature. As the name suggests, it is a lot like living like a goblin. Going on adventures in the nature, collecting small trinkets or lost objects, living a carefree life and embracing who you are.

A lot of Non-binary members of the Goblincore community say they see the trend as liberating and the community is kind and accepting. It focuses on a carefree, “you do you” kind of attitude towards living and celebrates life as it is.

It is often also described as an “urge to run away and live in the forest”. Which, at some point in our life, don’t we all get?

Where did Goblincore Originate?

Even though the goblincore subculture just picked up recently, it originated around 2010 on Tumblr. However, like a lot of other popular trends we saw this year, TikTok and Twitter made it as popular as it is today.

The goblincore community is quite strong on reddit as well with over 26.5k followers at the moment.

What is the difference between Cottagecore and Goblincore?

Since both the internet subcultures revolve around nature and fairies and all that jazz, it might be confusing to some how they differentiate. However, it is quite simple, really.

Cottagecore is like this far-fetched idea of how an ideal life in nature would be. It is heavily romanticised. Actually living or being close to the nature might not feel anything like that.

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Goblincore, on the other hand, celebrates how living amongst the nature means getting dirty and covered in filth sometimes. It truly appreciates what the society refers to as “ugly” parts of the nature like mud, toads, moss or fungi. Mushrooms are big in the goblincore community.

Also, cottagecore is more about country, farm-living while goblincore focuses on the fantastical joys of living in the forest like a goblin.

Goblincore Fashion

This culture is all about freedom and “be who you want to be”, so there is no such “guide” to how one might dress up to fit the bill. However, we have listed out a few key points on how the Goblincore community looks at fashion to help inspire you and transition into a true goblin.

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Thrift Shopping

The goblin culture does not believe in fast fashion or expensive clothing. It is all about what is typically not considered beautiful or pretty and often regarded as waste, worn out or ugly. Like most followers of this culture, you can choose to thrift shop. If you are looking into buying online, you can opt for Etsy or eBay.

However, if you have to absolutely buy new clothing, you can choose to take a look at some of the links we’ve provided from Amazon in the below sections.

Earthy Tones

Since it is about all things nature, goblincore fashion focused on earthy tones like brown, black or sage green.

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Loose, Comfortable Clothing

Since a lot of goblincore enthusiasts love adventures into the wild, they prefer loose, comfortable and worn out clothing that they don’t mind getting dirty. This might include corduroy or denim overalls, loose shorts or cropped pants. You can wear oversized knit sweaters, cardigans, chunky boots fit for long strolls in the nature and some cute socks.

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Bags For Adventures

As we know, goblincore enthusiasts love collecting little things they find on their adventures. So, it only makes sense that they like to carry small bags or fanny packs to store them.

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Outfit Inspirations

Here are some outfit inspirations that we’ve curated to inspire you:


Embroidered Cardigans by Lirika Matoshi on Etsy

Goblincore Fashion Inspo From The Runway

Anna Sui at New York Fashion Week Fall 2019


Y’s Fall 2016 Ready-to-Wear collection


Rodarte at New York Fashion Week Fall 2008


Fendi SS21


Anna Sui Fall 2010


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