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A Guide To Cottagecore Fashion

Cottagecore fashion is trending in online communities. We decided to breakdown the aesthetic for you in our Guide to Cottagecore Fashion and Aesthetic.


What is Cottagecore?

Cottagecore is a romanticized interpretation of the western agricultural life. Sometimes referred to as Countrycore or Farmcore.

The aesthetic revolves around farm life. It visualizes a more simple way of living. It was popularized through social media. Mostly through Tumblr, Instagram and TikTok.

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Some fans of the aesthetic have properly embraced it, meaning making major life changes to adopt the aesthetic. Some only adopt it as a fashion choice.

Here is our guide to Cottagecore fashion. Everything you need to know about dressing in the aesthetic.

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Cottagecore Fashion


The Cottagecore fashion is highly influenced by simpler, older times (1900s -50s). Hence, ruffles are a great part of fashion from that era.

Ruffled tops, dressed or accessories such as ruffles on socks can be worn.





Cottagecore reflects fairytales or folklore. Incorporating whites is essential to resemble the elegance.

Sarah Butler of @sarahchristine wearing Rothy’s The Mary Jane in Ink Gingham with black and white gingham bows in Seattle, Washington


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Laces, Embroidery and Puffed Sleeves

Consider choosing items that are embroidered or have laces. They give traditional, 50s, old vibes. Go for puffy sleeves and Billowy blouses to create that farm-like attire.

Layered Clothing

You can layer up clothing to create more authentic farm inspired outfits.




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Overalls are also great for achieving the working farm girl look.


Loose, Flowy/ Prairie Dresses

Elegance and simplicity are the key aspects of this aesthetic. Its essential to its core. Which means, lots of flowy, simple and effortless clothing. You can wear long prairie dresses or flowy midis. Light, soft fabric.


As mentioned earlier, the western farm-girl vibe is what we’re going for here. So wearing boots with these long flowing prairie dresses is going to hit that spot just right.



There are so many accessories that can support the Cottagecore aesthetic. For instance, you can wear headbands, straw hats, ribbons, flower baskets, flower crowns and tote bags.


The patterns you can choose for this aesthetic are mostly checks or stripes as far as the farm look goes. Florals are great for the elegance and simplicity that we want to go for.


The color palette for Cottagecore is mainly Whites, Pastels, Faded or Natural Colors


More Cottagecore Fashion Inspirations

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