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25+ Adorable Pink Bedroom Ideas That Are Perfect

Some people are more than happy with a neutral bedroom. Others prefer to have their own personal space that reflects their personality. If you belong to the latter group, then it might be time for you to think about decorating your room with the color pink. Here are a few pink bedroom ideas to help you get started.

Pink is not just a color, it’s an attitude and style statement too! The color pink is often associated with femininity and sweetness. But it does not mean that it can only be a girl’s bedroom. There are many ways pink can be incorporated into a bedroom without making it appear too girly or feminine.

Here are 25+ Pink Bedroom Ideas That Are Elegant and Adorable

Pink and Gold Bedroom

Pairing a soft pink with touches of gold makes for a great sophisticated bedroom design. This bedroom has a subtle shade of pink with gold finishes and accessories.

This birdcage turned into a hanging chair is a great addition to a girl’s bedroom.

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A maximalist’s pink room

If you are a maximalist, then you can try this type of decor for your bedroom. On a pink base, add bold and bright colors. You can add different patterns and textures to add character.

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Pink and Orange

The color pink goes surprisingly well with orange and makes for a great combination for a bedroom. Consider adding pillows and bedding the combination of pink and orange. We love the detail of the orange framed mirror over the dresser in this bedroom.

Rustic Pink Bedroom

A rustic pink shade is perfect for a modern bedroom. It does not look girly at all if that is one of your concerns with the color pink. This bedroom is a perfect example of how you can create a pink bedroom without letting it look feminine. Rustic pink looks elegant and lets you add patterns in muted colors like the rug in this bedroom.

Boho Pink Bedroom

You can give your bedroom a boho twist while adding shades of pink to it as well. Consider using Millenial or rustic pink for the walls and some accessories. Add lots of pillows with tassels and embroidery.

Add textures with jute rugs, rattan furniture, and a wooden bed frame.

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Navy blue and pink bedroom

This is a perfect color combination to create a darker and moody space. It also looks elegant and modern.

Add a neon sign

Take your all-pink bedroom to the next level by adding a neon sign in a different color like blue in the room below.


Pink Wooden Floor

A unique way to add pink to your room is by painting the floor pink. For instance, in this room, the wooden planks have been painted rustic pink. It looks great and stands out creating a very unique style.

Paint the ceiling Pink

We love this pink ceiling in this room. It allows you to keep the walls white while still having pink in the room.


Pink Shiplap walls

Floral Pink Wallpaper

Floral Wallpaper - Brewster Home | Home wallpaper, Wallpaper walls bedroom,  Contemporary wallpaper

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White room with a touch of pink

If you are not too sure about the color pink, you can start by keeping the room all white and adding pink accessories that can be changed later. You can go for pink bedding and pink pillows that can easily be switched later if you don’t feel it anymore.

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All Black room with a touch of pink


Matte Pink

We love the wall panels in this room that have been painted in matte pink. It looks elegant and classy while still adding color to the bedroom.

Go overboard with patterns

If you are a maximalist, then you can go all out by adding stripes, florals and geometrical patterns in your room in different shades of pink.

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