You are currently viewing 56 Ravishing Bohemian Bedroom Inspirations

56 Ravishing Bohemian Bedroom Inspirations

If you haven’t seen people decorating their rooms with bohemian aesthetics all over the internet, you must’ve been living under a rock! The boho fever caught on through social media and is the chicest decor trend of the decade century. Explore: 56 Ravishing Bohemian Bedroom Inspirations

Bohemian decor is all about bright colours, patterns and natural material. With its laid back vibe, boho decor is the perfect millennial deco.

Check out these ravishing bohemian bedroom decor inspirations:



Colours and patterns

For people who want an eclectic, inspiring and bright bedroom, Bohemian decor has a lot in store. You can excessively use patterns and colours and still never go wrong with it in this decor style.

Blending Bohemian and Scandinavian

If you want to mix things up, Bohemian decor can easily be blended with Scandinavian decor as both the styles get along really well.

Scandinavian is more on the neutral side and bohemian is all about patterns and colours. So, Mix the two up and you’ll have a well-balanced room decor.

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Swings and Seating

Due to its laid back, comfortable vibe, Bohemian style is all about comfort seating. Adding a hanging swing really adds to this and makes a cosy, comfy space in your bedroom.


Natural Furniture

Rattan furniture is really the backbone of this decor. The bohemian trend is all about organics. Using furniture and fittings made of natural material is what gives life to this decor style.

Jute Accessories

Jute throw pillows, rugs and carpet are also a great add on.

Clothes Rack


Adding lots of plants is a great way to take your boho decor to the next level and turn it into an urban jungle.

Patterned Rugs

Never underestimate the power of a patterned rug. It can easily uplift the vibe of a boring room into something fun and upbeat.

DIY Headboards

Using screens or room dividers as a headboard for your bed is a great DIY idea to make your room more elegant.

Also, wicker pendant lights are super trendy for side tables.

Functionality and Space

Adding a rattan bench right below your window is a great way to add some seating into your room for guests without cluttering too much space.

Consider adding a wooden ladder in a corner to hand throws and towels. It is extremely functional and looks great with boho decor.


If you’re a minimalist, you can pick out the bohemian patterns in neutral colours and use wooden, rattan, wicker furniture.

Four-Poster Beds

A wooden four-poster bed goes along great with the boho aesthetics. You can add plants to it and have creepers hanging from the bed frame to make a jungle vibe.

Ultimate Bohemian Bedroom Add-ons

Hanging white curtains with frills on a four-poster bed can really take your bedroom decor to the next level.

Use a distressed, rustic cabinet to create the ultimate bohemian bedroom.

Balancing out

if your bed doesn’t have a headboard, you can hang a big round mirror over it and it will instantly make it look even and balance out the emptiness from the back wall.


Another great way to make up for a missing headboard from your bed is by adding a bunch of throw pillows, plain and patterned.


Try to put in as much indirect lighting as you can. Also, leave space for natural light through the day as it is one of the features of bohemian decor. Moreover, try not to use any direct lighting sources. As it can ruin the whole laid back vibe of the bohemian bedroom decor.

Dividing Spaces

Using fringed curtains as room dividers is a great way to separate spaces in your bedroom. Also, it makes great room decor.


Using tropical wallpapers can make the bedroom space even more stylish. However, the furniture and accessories should be a little more neutral to let the wallpaper.

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