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55+ Stunning Courtyard Ideas: Modern & Traditional

If you are looking for some amazing and beautifully built courtyards to inspire your home architecture then you’re in the right place. Explore 55+ stunning courtyard ideas

Courtyards are a beautiful part of home architecture that adds a lot of light and life to any house.

A well-designed courtyard can bring a sense of serenity to your home space.

Having a courtyard in the house incorporates nature in the architecture in a beautiful way. It’s like having a garden indoors, with all the privacy you could ask for.

So let’s get right into different types of courtyard designs and styles for your home.

Modern Courtyard Ideas

Courtyards have been a part of traditional architecture for a long time.

However, modern and contemporary architecture has found amazing sleek ways of incorporating it as well.

Take a look at these modern homes with strategically built courtyards.

Like, in the design below, adding huge glass doors between the courtyard and the house keeps it flexible to get air ventilation throughout the house whenever needed.

You can just bring the outdoors in with a sling of a glass door.

Architect: XTEN Architecture Source:

A great way to make a statement in a modern courtyard is adding cement solid furniture.

Designer: Jungles Source:


Adding sliding glass doors is also a great way of keeping a minimum division and enough natural light coming in.

Courtyards make a great family area and playing space in a free and secure environment.


Spanish Hacienda Courtyards

A hacienda is a beautiful home in any way possible. Their courtyards are even prettier. Take a look at a few Spanish style hacienda courtyards.

Hacienda courtyards are usually big and airy and garden-like. They mostly always have a fountain in the middle which adds to its beauty.

Another staple of a hacienda-style courtyard is this built-in wall fireplace. It makes a great place for some family time in the evenings.

Moroccan Style Courtyards

Throughout my time blogging, I have discussed Moroccan architecture and home decor a lot of time. Needless to say, I find it really mesmerizing.

Just like all the other elements of Moroccan architecture, it’s courtyards are as stunning and beautiful.

Evidently, Moroccan courtyards usually have floorings of pretty Moroccan tiles which add a lot of character and beauty to the outdoor space.

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Again, just like the usual courtyard designs, they make use of water bodies like a pool or a water fountain in the center.

Small Courtyards

If space is a constraint in your house, take a look at these small yet amazing courtyards designs below.

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