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Boho-Chic Decor: 5 Easy Steps To A Boho-Chic Home

This week we’re looking into how you can bring in some boho-chic decor into your home. It’s a super trendy and super easy style of décor. Check out these 5 tips to get started.

What is Boho-Chic?

So, we know what Bohemian style is. We also know that boho is now synonymous to everything super relaxed and laid-back. However, what is boho-chic now?

Well, boho-chic is a sub-trend that originates from the bohemian style. It is a blend of the bohemian style and modern décor trends.

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To achieve the ideal boho-chic look, a balance between modern furnishings and traditional bohemian style needs to be achieved.

Here are a few tips to get you started if you are looking to incorporate boho-chic décor in your home:

1. Organized Mess

As we know, the authenticity of the gypsy culture lies in a little pretty mess. To achieve the perfect boho look you can create an “organized mess”.

This essentially means that you can do stuff life leaving your bedsheet a little wrinkled.

Throw around a couple of cushions here and there or a throw on the couch or bed.

You can leave around a few books with pretty covers.

See where I am going with it? It’s like messy… but strategically.

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2. Laid-Back and Relaxed

To get that perfect balance between boho and chic, you need to have some clean, minimal and neat spaces. However, at the same time also bring in some laid-back vibe.

For instance, Have a perfectly neat couch in a solid color and a coffee table with straight edges. Then throw in some cushions and pillows along with some Aztec print throws.

You can create some spaces where there is relaxed seating like cushions on the floor or maybe a hammock in the corner.

You can use a bamboo hanging swing chair as part of the living room seating.

The idea is to create a balance of formal and casual seating styles. This what boho-chic essentially brings to the table, a blended vibe in your space.

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3. Bring in some patterns and colors

In traditional bohemian décor, we try to go overboard with patterns and colors. However, in boho-chic we tend to keep things, you guessed it – Balanced.

So what I suggest is that, you can start with some basic solid colors for your walls and furniture and then eventually bring in some patterns.

For instance, on a neutral or pastel couch you can try to throw in some cushions with traditional  or geometrical prints in bright colors.

You can also add these patterns and liveliness throw wall art, paintings or rugs.


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4. Lots of Plants

Bring in a lot of plants. They are a big part of this décor and they kind of bring everything together.

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5. Natural furnishings

The material choice for all furnishings must be natural. Like wood, brass or bamboo. Bohemian style encourages bringing in the nature’s vibe inside your home and uses natural elements.

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