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30+ Best Industrial Style Bedroom Ideas

Fascinated by the industrial style décor trend? But not sure how to incorporate it in your own space? Here are 30+ industrial-style bedroom ideas to help get you started.

What is Industrial Style décor?

In simple terms, Industrial style décor is a look inspired by factories and warehouses. It is a blend of modern décor with raw and rustic industrial components.

“Industrial style interiors are characterized by large open spaces, exposed structural elements, reclaimed objects as well as metal, brick, wood, and concrete textures.” –

The perfect industrial style is achieved by maintaining a balance between modern furnishings and raw furnishings. It shouldn’t look too modern or too industrial.

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Industrial style bedroom ideas:

Exposed Bricks or Concrete Walls

The most popular way to start off with industrial style is by leaving the walls raw. You can leave exposed bricks or concrete walls.

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If you are on a budget, this may be a great way to save some money too!

The idea is to make the space look as raw as possible and then build up with some modern furniture.

Open and Airy Spaces

Industrial style is more common in lofts and big open spaces.

However, there is no reason it can’t be incorporated in an average house or apartment as well.

Exposed Wires and Pendant Lights

The ideal lighting for this aesthetic is pendant lights with exposed wires. Go for hanging bulbs or more industrial-style lighting.



Industrial Pipes and Beams

As we are trying to achieve a factory or warehouse-style look, using plumbing pipes adds a really cool look. It is getting very popular in farm décor as well.

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There are several types of industrial beds you can choose from. Metallic framed beds are very popular in Industrial décor as well. They give a very minimalistic yet raw look.


You can also consider ditching wardrobes and going for pipe rods clothing racks.

Industrial style shelves are flooding the stores. The exposed look adds to the raw and rustic vibe.

Rustic Details

Add some more rustic / raw details to your industrial bedroom by using factory style furniture. You can add stuff like this metal stool or use large tin barrels as nightstands.

Use grid panels room dividers to make your space stand out.


Or add a large grid mirror.

Standout Workstation

If you are in a crafty/artsy profession, adding a workstation in your bedroom might be a good idea. You can use your equipment and worktops to add a flair to the décor, for instance.

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Make it as raw and industrial as possible.


Some more ideas and inspirations:
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