25 Urban Jungle Interior Design Ideas For A Plant-Filled Home

The concept of Urban Jungle has helped people transform their urban living spaces into plant-filled vibrant homes. Urban jungle interior design involves the use of plants in a home to create an eco-friendly and natural space. It is a decor style that completely depends on plants to add beauty and personality.

The pandemic has certainly taught us the importance of the outdoors and being close to nature on a daily basis as we were locked inside our urban homes for a long time. For those who are lucky enough to have a garden space or access to a backyard, it can be a great place to unwind and relax at the end of the day. However, a large number of people living in bustling cities with tiny apartments in super tall buildings barely have any access to nature.

The urban jungle interior design style is somewhat new in the interior design world. It is created to imitate the lush and vibrant feel of nature and wilderness. This type of style is mostly used in offices and homes, but it can also be used in public spaces. Many cafes are now going for plant-filled interiors. The benefits of this type of style are that it makes people feel like they are close to nature, and it also creates a stress-free and relaxing environment.

Here are 25+ Urban Jungle Interior Design Ideas to help you create a vibrant plant-filled home:

Create a plant-filled corner or reading nook

You can create cozy reading nooks or corners by adding plants of varying heights. Place a large and comfortable reading chair amidst these plants and add an ottoman as well as a bouncy pillow to the chair for more comfort. Also, make sure to add warm lighting with lamps or string lights to create a moody space for long hours of reading.

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Make it greener

On top of adding greenery through plants, you can consider going for green furniture and walls as well. Emerald green is the perfect color for this type of style. You place a big green couch in the center of the living room and go bold by painting the walls in dark green. The plants would sort of blend into the green interiors creating multiple layers of the color.

Bohemian decor goes well with urban jungle interior design

The best style of interior that goes with the urban jungle concept is usually the bohemian style. The colors, natural elements, and geometrical patterns fit perfectly with a bunch of plants to create a laid-back vibe.

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Dine amidst nature

Give your dining area or breakfast nook a fresh feel by adding plants of all kinds. Not only does it make it prettier, but it also makes your meals more special.

Urban Jungle Bathrooms

Create a plant-filled bathroom by adding hanging plants, succulents, and more! There’s no reason to hold back. However, do make sure you go for plants that do not need as much sunlight while choosing for the shower area.

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Set up a fun lounge or chilling spot in your apartment filled with plants

Make a cool low-seating hanging spot in a corner of your apartment by adding tall plants and some small ones too. Add indie records and a record player to turn it into a vintage-inspired cozy corner. Complete the look with throw pillows and boho rugs to make it snug.

A refreshing study corner or working space

Revamp your work or study station by adding plants to your desk and shelves. This would help you stay motivated and bring the workspace alive. An urban jungle-inspired desk set-up is a great way to increase productivity.

If you don’t want to clutter your desktop with plants, then consider adding floating shelves above the desk where you can not only display your plants but also books, showpieces, and other desk essentials.

Plants can also easily spruce up your boring old book rack. It is perfect for bringing life to your collection of books.

Add a hammock

There’s nothing more exciting than coming back to your urban jungle home and relaxing in a hammock with a nice book.


Spruce up your loft or studio apartment with plants

Plants are a great way to liven up a small studio apartment. Going for big, chunky pieces of decor might not be a great idea for a tiny apartment which makes plants the perfect way to decorate a small space. They take up less space, purify air and add a refreshing decor to your abode.

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