Witchcore: 35+ Witch Aesthetic Decor Ideas That Are Mystical

Some people think that Witchcore or Witch aesthetic is too dark for their tastes. They believe that it’s too gothic and not very inviting. But others love it because it’s different from what you would see in most homes these days. Here’s everything you need to know to integrate witch aesthetic decor into your space.

What is Witchcore aesthetic?

The Witch aesthetic or Witchcore is yet another internet subculture that is growing in popularity. It is a style of decorating that incorporates themes of witches, witchcraft, and the occult.

What are the characteristics of witch aesthetic decor?

Witchcore is getting popular in interior design. It’s characterized by dark colors, dramatic lighting, and a general ambiance of mystery and creepiness. The witchy room decor can include anything from black curtains to a cauldron on the fireplace mantel.

It’s very close to Cottagecore aesthetic but is darker and more creepy and mysterious. The key elements of witch aesthetic decor are dark colors, items related to witchcraft, ambient lighting, and vintage-inspired furniture.

How to achieve Witchcore aesthetic in your room decor?

The best way to start incorporating witchy elements into your home is to start small.

Wondering where to buy witch aesthetic decor items? Etsy and Amazon are the best places to buy witchcraft supplies and witchy room decor online. You can also look for vintage furniture at thrift stores.

Here are some ideas and tips on how you can achieve witch aesthetic in your space.

Use Dark Colors

A good way to get the perfect witchy aesthetic is by using a lot of dark colors, such as black, purple, and dark green. You can also use some light colors like pink or blue for contrast.

Add Witchcraft Elements

It’s important to add symbols and images associated with witchcraft to your decor. You can add things like crystals and other natural items that are associated with witchcraft.

Also, use runes and other occult symbols across the room. The witchy aesthetic decor also usually includes things like pentagrams, skulls, or other dark images.

In addition to these, you can also consider adding a wreath on the door, a black and white cat poster, and vintage mirrors.

Blend Modern and Vintage Elements

Witchcore is a type of aesthetic that is characterized by a mix of vintage and modern decor. So, blend these two styles to get that modern witch vibe which is great to add a real-life appeal to your room’s aesthetic.

For instance, you can add a vintage mirror paired with a modern style dresser to achieve this look.

Incorporate elements of nature

Witches love being close to nature. So, make sure you add enough of it to your decor by including plants, dried flowers, and natural materials.

Add Mood Lighting

Keep the room’s lighting dim and moody to add a mysterious vibe. This can be achieved by adding a bunch of candles and lamps across the room.

Use Fake Ivy For Decor

Decorate your mirror with fake ivy leaves for a mystical touch. Also, add a crystal ball to really take the witch vibe up a notch.

You can also consider wrapping ivy leaves around your bed frame to get the feeling of sleeping in nature.

Display potion bottles

Of course, witch decor is incomplete without potion bottles! Display apothecary bottles or small potion bottles in different shapes and sizes on cabinets or shelves. You can fill them up with spell herbs or colorful liquids for a magical touch.

Hang tapestries

You can also add more witchcraft themes around the room by using tapestries. Hang these tapestries on the wall or use them as throw blankets.

Use dark cabinets and fittings in the kitchen

You can also add witchcore aesthetic to the rest of your house by keeping the kitchen decor dark and vintage. Go for rustic black kitchen units and add a lot of plants. Display old vintage crockery in glass cabinets.


Skull decor

Display faux skulls on shelves for adding creepiness.


Create a gallery wall full of witchy images and elements

A gallery wall is a perfect way to incorporate a theme into any space by making it very prominent. Old black and white images, and witchcraft artworks in old frames would really promote the witch aesthetic around the room. Also include mirrors in this gallery wall.

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