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How To Create A Scandinavian-Style Kids Room

In this post, we’ll talk about How To Create A Scandinavian-style Kids Room.

Scandinavian living is synonymous to minimalism, functionality and neutral colours. It’s one of the most loved modern interior decor trends.

While the entire house is getting a modern re-do, there is no reason your kids’ room has to be the same old boring design.

Natural Material.

The first rule of Scandinavian interiors is that it makes extensive use of natural material for its furnishings. Such as Wood, Brass, Jute, Rattan, Bamboo etc.

These are great materials to use in your kids’ room apart from just being for decor purposes. Using more natural material would make your kids feel close to nature.

Use White Crochet Curtains For Canopy

Don’t they absolutely gorgeous? Crochet curtains are great for creating canopies for your kids’ rooms as the texture is super soft and they let in a lot of light while looking purely elegant.

Add a Bamboo Swing Chair

Every Modern Scandinavian-style room must have a Bamboo swing chair! Jk. It’s a great add on for a kids room as they love it! It adds to the play area and continues the natural material element.


Add a loft!

If you have high ceilings and want to make more space for your kids to play around, adding a loft is a great idea.

Ideally, you can make the beds on the upper level, leaving whole room down below for kids to play around and make crafts!

Check out some of these amazing ideas for inspiration…

Give them a craft station

Teepee tents are Scandinavian aesthetic.

Children love their tents and playhouses. Teepe tents are also a great way to have a scandinavian aesthetic in the room.

How about beds in a teepee tent shape?

Or a wooden tent frame with crochet curtains for a playhouse?

You can DIY your own Teepee tent very easily!

Clothing Racks, they look super cute!

If you have lots of space…

Go crazy! Build them a fort, a treehouse or a huge playhouse inside the room! Make sure everything is natural material to keep the aesthetic consistent. Here are some ideas:


Storage Ideas

In kids rooms, storage is key. You need enough of it to cater to their growing needs. So make sure to design a room that can strategically store stuff and make use of space.

If you are building bunk beds or lofts, you can use boxed staircases that serve as drawers to have functional storage space.

Use Rattan cabinets for a more earth look.

Build beds that make use of space strategically.

Building a wooden platform that is hollow and then putting a bed over it is a great way to work around space and add storage.

Here are some amazing Bed ideas for this decor:

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