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50+ Luxury Bathroom Design Ideas

Coming home to a luxurious bathroom can take most of your stress away. Whether you’re looking to renovate your space, building one from scratch, or just redoing the decor. These luxurious bathrooms are sure to take your breath away. Take a look at these Luxury Bathroom Design Ideas and inspirations.

Explore 50+ Luxury Bathroom Design Ideas.

Use Marble

Nothing speaks luxury better than pure marble walls and floors. It gives a refreshing and luxe feel and is durable.

This amazing luxury bathroom design below is from the penthouse of 432 Park Avenue and is anybody’s dream bath. The beautiful marble, stunning view, and soothing lighting make this bathroom nothing less than heaven.

432 Park Avenue, New York.

Add a Fireplace

What makes a luxury bathroom different from an everyday bathroom are the things that are not basic requirements, but are “added luxuries”. One such thing is a fireplace. Add a fireplace if you want to class up your master bath.

White marble goes amazingly well with gold and looks classy to another level. Add a few gold/brass nick nacks to turn your bathroom into goals.

Light it up

Create an aura inside your bathroom by adding indirect and dim lighting. Make things light up such as these beautiful light up bathroom sinks or around a mirror to make it more eclectic.

Add a chandelier and class things up a notch. A chandelier is sure to make your bathing space look more luxurious and also serves as a beautiful accessory.

Adding murals behind the bathtub that lights up and turn it into an art affair.

Matte Black and Wood

If you want to make your bathroom more modern and edgy, go with matte black interiors. It speaks modern and luxurious yet contemporary when paired with dark wood floorings and fittings.


Brass looks great for fittings as it gives a classy vibe without too much bling.

Monotonous interiors in your bathrooms can easily be separated and made to look neat using simple brass frames. It gives clean lines, a proportion and a more high-end look.

Pretty tiles

Using beautiful tiles to segregate spaces looks great and gives a neat look.



Any luxe bathroom space needs a comfy chaise lounge, a sophisticated bench or beautiful chairs.



Plenty of Storage Space

The last thing you want in your bathroom is having bottles of shampoo lying where they don’t belong. To make your bathroom a real luxe space, you need plenty of storage space and assigned spots for everything.


Industrial Doors

To make a contemporary style statement in your bathroom, Use industrial doors for shower areas. They look amazing and also make the ceiling look even taller.

Create a whole vibe inside the shower area with a lighted up wall and gold fixtures.

Vintage Interiors

Give your bathing room a whole vintage makeover. Add country style chairs, a brass tub and long floral curtains. Use stone accessories, floors and add a chandelier.

A vintage look can be achieved by simply adding a floral wallpaper and a crystal chandelier.

Grand Entrance

Make the entry to your bathroom grand by adding a huge chandelier, and a long runner on the floor leading straight inside.


Brass Bathtubs

They look extra luxe.

A Statement Mirror

These mirrors next to the bathtub add their own vibe. No need of adding anything else, and make a statement with a vintage or extraordinary mirror.




All Dark

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    The idea of designing a luxurious bathroom really fascinates me. I like the use of brass for bathroom fittings as they are timeless never go out of fashion and are long-lasting. A bathroom must also contain plenty of storage space and a functional shower. I really like all the images that you have shared with us. These bathrooms are like a dream come true. I have never seen such plush luxurious bathrooms before. Thank you.

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    Luxurious bathrooms are so intimidating but if you look at it in a bigger picture, it’s a relaxation space that allows you to breathe and wash away your stress. It really is a dream to have a spacious bathroom with a bath in the center which takes you back to Victorian lavish living.

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