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Soft Girl Aesthetic Guide | Soft Girl Outfits ideas for 2021

Soft Girl Aesthetic is undeniably a booming trend since 2019. As modern aesthetics never stand still and evolve every day, Soft Girl Aesthetic is also taking a more defined shape. Especially with a newborn offshoot aesthetics like Indie Kid and Light Academia on which Soft Girl Aesthetic influenced a lot.

If you are aiming to build a Soft Girl Outfit without any bias to the side of other aesthetic styles then this guide will help you.

We gathered some amazing soft girl outfits ideas for 2021 in a single soft girl aesthetic guide for you to unleash your creativity over your look.

But first, let’s dive in for a soft girl term description and a soft girl aesthetic history overview.

What is a Soft Girl?

Soft Girl is an aesthetic style based on an explicitly blooming feminine look with elements of delicate cuteness. The soft girl aesthetic did not grow as a unique subculture style as EGirl Aesthetic does, it’s more like a fashion and lifestyle aesthetic. It’s something in the middle of soft casual, vintage, and VSCO style. The most defining thing in this aesthetic, distinguishing it from other styles is a focus on a soft youthful “blooming” vibe that is accented by makeup and pastel colors.

The term “Soft Girl” itself appeared on the internet horizon in early 2019. All Urban Dictionary definitions are also dated by 2019. Most of the articles about “What is a Soft Girl” are telling that this aesthetic was formed within TikTok, but that’s not quite accurate. The true core of the soft girl aesthetic was developed by Tumblr softcore and pastel grunge girls in 2013.

Later in 2019, as the VSCO Girl term was popularized by Instagram – it was reimagined by TikTok EGirls. The community combined the soft baby-girl makeup and VSCO girl style. Hashtag #softgirl started to gain interest everywhere in the middle of 2019.

Google Trends says that the most peak of the “Soft Girl” search query was in August-September of 2019.

Soft Girl MakeUp

As a soft girl “blooming” makeup is the core point of a soft girl look let us show you some examples before we move forward to soft girl outfits.

Blooming nose and cheeks Baby Girl MakeUp:

Some creative and a little bit edgy makeup ideas. This could work if you are aiming for vintage or more softcore vibes:

Your soft girl makeup could vary from soft-touch to intense and creative, either what’s best for your look and your overall idea. But be careful with eyelashes and black elements to not dive in an EGirl field.

But that’s also ok if you are happy with it.

Experiment more, try to find what’s best for you.

Buying Recommendations:

Soft Girl Aesthetic Guide – Soft Girl Outfits Ideas

Vintage tops with soft colors are always a great decision, for many aesthetics. In Soft Girl Outfit they can work as an accent on your feminine vibes or add a little emotional depth to your look.

Buying Recommendations:

Purple Flaming Heart Striped Crop Top

Heart Hole Striped Lumber Peach Crop Top

Cute Pastel Stripes O-neck Short Sleeve Summer T-shirt

Soft Colors and Pastel Tops, obviously, will surely define your look.

 Cute Aesthetic Crop Top

Soft Aesthetic Slim Ribbed Knit Sleeveless Top

Aesthetic Heart Buttons Cropped Top

Butterfly Aesthetic Tops and any other cute fauna creatures may play an accent in your look. Especially if it’s corresponding with your makeup style

Butterfly Cut Neck Chain Long Sleeve Top

Butterfly Print Sleeveless Tie Dye Crop Top

Tie Dye Butterfly Print Buttons Crop Top

Bright and Vintage sweaters may work as a fine addition to your Soft Girl look.

Buying Recommendations

Layered Heart Pink EGirl Sweater

Kawaii Long Sleeve Jacquard Oversized Cardigan

Wide Rainbow Stripes Ulzzang Knit Loose Cropped Sweater

Soft Color Pants and Jeans. Works nice for vintage and modern soft girl look.

Buying Recommendations:

Pastel Pink Soft Girl Jeans Washed Denim

Plaid Grid Straight Soft Girl Pants

Pink Vintage Aesthetic High Waist Straight Loose Pants

Soft Vibes Shorts and Skirts as a more feminine bottom variant.

Buying Recommendations:

Where to buy Soft Girl Clothes

You can find a lot of nice soft color tops in all mass-market stores like H&M, Uniqlo and etc.

You can also search in aesthetic shops:

Orezoria Aesthetic Clothing Store – EGirl and Soft Girl Stuff

ItGirl Shop – Korean Grunge and Soft Girl

Soft Girl Outfits Shop

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