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5 Trends That Prove The New Age Fashion is All About Comfort

Welcome back to The mood palette. I am back with another fashion post and this time we talk about how the fashion world is changing and leaning towards Comfort Fashion. In today’s post, we discuss 5 Trends That Prove The New Age Fashion is All About Comfort.

With the world not stopping for anything, fashion must constantly evolve. And so, it does.

Trends come and go at the speed of light. Some stay and some fail. But one trend that never seemed to go away was how women’s clothing was expected to be stylish only if it’s body-hugging.

In fact, women’s fashion was increasingly becoming uncomfortable, dysfunctional and not adhering to the need of the hour.

However, the fashion world has undergone some serious changes of conventionality.

Observing the recent trends of fashion, it can be easily said that ‘Comfort’ is the future of clothing. Modern day fashion is becoming more and more comfortable adhering to different needs and breaking the stereotypes of body image.

When we talk about comfortable fashion, we’re not just referring to clothing. Women’s accessories have also become so much more convenient and useful.

But one thing which is evolutionary is how pockets are becoming a part of almost every clothing item a woman can own. This was due for so long, as functional pockets are everyone’s need.

I have taken the liberty of rounding up some amazing fashion trends and items for you so that you can appreciate how fashion has truly become more comfortable today.

1. Flared Pants, Culottes & Bell Bottoms 

So, bell bottoms are back, and we wonder why they went away in the first place. We were not even over how comfortable boyfriend jeans and mom jeans were before the trend of bell bottoms and flared pants resurfaced.

Flared pants have been in for a while now and they are nowhere near disappearing. On top of looking gorgeous, they provide comfort and mobility. With the skin-tight jeans out of the way, your legs can finally breathe.
Jersey Culottes- H&M


2. Over-sized Clothing


The return of baggy clothes is a blessing. It’s crazy how you can just take any over-sized t-shirt, tuck it in and voila! It looks great every time.

But wait, loose clothes aren’t just for summer. Over-sized sweaters have been in for some time but to top that joy, we have over-sized coats in style now.

Ribbed turtle neck sweater – H&M

These baggy clothes aren’t just powerful and pleasant to wear, they are addressing a much bigger issue. Body consciousness has decreased so much in recent times due to this growing relaxed fashion culture.

3. Backpacks

Carrying handbags around everywhere, especially when you’re travelling, used to be a hassle.

Backpacks are easily the most functional bags we can own. But then you can’t really replace those gorgeous handbags with some ugly looking backpacks, right? When designers recognized this, the chicest, most compact backpacks came into vogue.

These beautiful backpacks are the same size as handbags, as pretty as handbags, but provide the mobility and comfort of backpacks, which is why it’s another trend that is sure to last.

4. Sneakers

Balenciaga – Triple S suede, leather and mesh sneakers by Balenciaga

Speaking of discomfort, how can we forget heels? Women’s shoes have always been uncomfortable, heels being on top of that list.

But thank god for sneakers.

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I still remember the day when I first wore trainers to the club, I had the most comfortable night out ever.

The sneakers trend is certainly here to stay, especially when you consider how white trainers have become a staple piece for everyone’s shoe closet.

5. Sweatpants/ Joggers

Celebrities were the first to give hype to the trend of wearing gym wear as day outfits.

It started off with leggings and yoga pants coming into style and then eventually sweatpants made their way in. Apart from being extremely comfortable, they look amazing with fancy tops and can be accessorized in so many ways.

Observing all these comfy trends, it is safe to say that fashion is becoming more about feeling good in the clothes you wear rather than just looking good in them.

A lot of body image stereotypes are being broken through this fashion evolution.

Contemporary style can be defined as authentic, real and comfortable, and it seems like that is the future of fashion.

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