Why Your Kitchen Needs a Concrete Countertop

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In this post, we are going to explore why you need a concrete countertop and what makes them so amazing!

So, I saw Tan France’s house tour on Vogue recently and absolutely fell in love with it. But what I admired the most was his kitchen. He has this beautiful custom-made concrete countertop that goes with the aesthetic of his neutral kitchen. He explained that he needed something that can give off an industrial vibe and is minimal which lead to him choosing the material.

All of this inspired me to write this post on How and Why you need to have a concrete countertop for your kitchen.

Concrete looks minimal, earthy and simple and goes with almost all styles of interiors. It also allows you to make it as custom as you need it to be, which is so important if you are considering a revamp or building a kitchen from scratch. Custom is key.

Apart from its amazing style possibilities, concrete is also an extremely durable material. It is solid, low maintenance and can last for ages. It is also cost-efficient, as marble countertops are far more expensive than getting a custom concrete countertop.

To style a concrete countertop, you can go with wooden cupboards and drawers along with matte grey handles.

It gives an incredibly rusty and earthy look which is also great if you have a bohemian or Scandinavian vibe going around the rest of the house.

For a minimalist, it’s almost the perfect choice as it gives off a neat clean and simple look.


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